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Lies parents told their kids: When I was little my Dad told me that toys grew under the weeds in the yard and if I pulled them, eventually a toy would pop out. And I believed it for a long time. Ahh, the memories. Lo Like Reply 68 August 14 at 1:10pm via mobile I convinced my little sister that if she pressed the "Diet" button on the top of her plastic McDonald's cup lid, it would actually change her soda to diet. Hahahah she cried every time I did it. Unlike Reply 106 August 14 at 1:10pm via mobile When my sister and I were little, we thought eucalyptus trees were actually called "you could lick this tree" so when we'd see them, we'd lick them. Like . Reply-őĒ86 . August 14 at 1:10pm via mobile My dad, a 2-3 pot a day coffee drinker, had me convinced at age 7 that you had to be 16 to buy and drink coffee. My first time at Starbucks when I was 16 i was so nervous because I thought they would card me! Lol. Like Reply 456 August 14 at 1:40pm via mobile My kids are convinced that they have a long lost brother somewhere that I dropped off because he was too loud in the car. I am sure they will figure it out but for the time being our road trips are very quiet and peaceful. Like . Reply-222. August 14 at 1:28pm via mobile I've always been pretty fascinated with space. When I was a little girl, my dad would take his ladder and put it on our lawn every night, and bring me outside to tell me he put the moon up for me. I believed him for years. He passed away a few years ago, and every night when I see the moon I think of him. Like Reply 3115 August 14 at 3:14pm via mobile what-the-hells-going-on: amroyounes: Lies we tell our kids. Found this from the postsecret blog THEYRE ALL CUTE AND FUNNY UNTIL YOU GET TO THE LAST ONE AND THEN YOU ARE ASSAULTED BY FEELINGS Reinvented by Woahtumblr for iFunny :) ifunny.mobi Lies parents told their kids

Lies parents told their kids