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Crazy, Fucking, and Horses: screwyouiamtheavatar: 10ve-me: peetafied: my school held a hunger games today and so the victor got to ride around with prinClPALEFFIE and i just couldn't Ur school HELD A HUNGER GAMES. havent you heard of public school Hey, guys! I just got back from volunteering at kids camp so I'll probably have a couple stories to tell later, but enough about me!!! AldenRants 28-50 @mergoats asked me to rant about my own rants!...Oh, I guess we are still talking about me. DON'T YOU GET ME STARTED ON ME GETTING STARTED STARTING MY ON GET G- STARTING MYYY STARTE- DOOOOON'T YOUUU....DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WISH MY RANTS WERE MOOOORE LIKE?!? I wish they were MORE ALL OVER THE PLACE! tHeY'Re JuSt tOO oN FoCuS fOR mY TaSTe! LIKE, GEEZ, WHOEVER THE PERSON IS MAKING THESE RANTS MUST REALLY HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER. Oh yeah, you guys didn't know. I don't actually do these rants, I couldn't possibly pretend being this enraged by everyday objects and occurrences due to my overwhelming sense of positivity towards life, so I have somebody else who writes them. He's a liiiiiittle bit...temperamental to the point where I need to keep him locked away in the basement most of the time, but other than that he's pret- *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* ...What was that?!? *BANG* *BANG* *KKKKKRRIK* OH HEAVENS TA BETSY HE'S TRYING TO BREAK OUT, SOMEBODY HEEEEEWGJEVFSHLK-................HEYYYY YOU LUMPY WINDBAGS THIS IS THE GUY TALKING BEFORE AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE JUST UHH IGNORE ALL THAT OTHER STUFF. I TRY SO hard to finish these rants WITHOUT making them so INTIMIDATINGLY MASSIVE, but it just CAN'T BE DONE!!! IT'S NOT MY FAULT THAT EVERYTHING HAS SO MUCH THEY'RE FUCKING UP. I HAVE TOO MUCH OF A DIRE RESPONSIBILITY HERE TO JUST COMPRESS THESE EMBELLISHED OPINIONS INTO A FEW SENTENCES. THE ENTIRE WORLD NEEDS A WAKE UP CALL THAT EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF IS PROBLEMATIC AND WHAT BETTER WAY TO DO THAT THAN BY WRITING VERBAL EQUIVALENTS TO SONATAS IN ALL CAPS?? AND YOU THINK I'M CRAZY FOR THAT?!,!,?,??!? NAY, I'M SIMPLY UNABASHED ENOUGH TO SAY WHAT YOU'RE ALL THINKING. YOU EVER GET IRRITATED AT THAT PERSON AUDIBLY CHEWING GUM OR THAT POST-IT NOTE THAT JUST GAVE YOU A PAPER CUT OR HOW POMPOUS AND ARROGANT HORSES LOOK LIKE SOMETIMES BUT YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR ANGER IS MISPLACED OR EXAGERRATED!? WELL I'M HERE FOR YOU, BRING IT IN