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Tumblr, Blog, and Http: browningtons: snakegay: i stumbled across this in a remote part of the lake and i really loved the surreality of it rate my melee set up

browningtons: snakegay: i stumbled across this in a remote part of the lake and i really loved the surreality of it rate my melee set up...

Moms, Too Much, and True: snorlaxatives who would win in a fight: an army of lush employees vs an army of bath and body works employees??? discuss mattandjones lush employees, who are more adept at guerrilla warfare and fabian tactics. bath and body works employees rely too much on pitched battle and are not equipped well enough for prolonged conflict ceb3rus I disagree with some of that, I feel as though the Bath and Body Works employees are pretty well trained in the art of handling an all out attack. Their defenses are high and well coordinated. Remember, they deal with white moms on the daily, whereas I feel that Lush employees are more used to dealing with a younger generation of customers.l feel as though they'd be equally matched but in the end I feel with the advancement in technology that Lush possesses over Bath and Body Works in terms of sheer amount that they sell, ultimately Lush wins, but not without heavy casualties dreamnectar All true, but everyone is forgetting Bath and Body Works employees have extreme training dealing with the hell on Earth that is Semi Annual Sale Have you ever seen someone come between a white woman in her 40s and Vanilla Bean Noel at 75% off? Bath and Body Works employees have and still live to tell their stories alwaysasideways8 l think terrain is an important consideration? Lush employees are better at straight melee since they're used to fighting in close quarters, whereas B&BW employees have more experience in moving through wider terrain and using ranged attacks greenekangaroo this is the kind of discourse I want on my dash Source: snorlaxatives 1,590 points • 216 comments - Lush employees vs Bath and Body Works employees - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on
Cars, Dancing, and Definitely: 44% 19: 1 2 Tweet ShadowBlood287 @jutoHighwind 2h v @FarCrygame will there ever be a possibility to get a sword as a melee weapon Far Cry 5 @FarCrygame 2h Might want to check with our guys and girls on @ForHonorGame about that 15 180 For Honor@ForHonorGame 2h We may be good with swords, but we'll throw it over to @assassinscreed to see what they got 10 184 Assassin's Creed @assassin scre..· We have a pretty impressive range of swords you can choose from for sure, but let's see what our bwaaahntastic friends @rabbidsofficial have in store 166 Rabbids@rabbidsofficial 1h We can definitely throw a Rabbid at someone's face, but not sure anyone's really ready for that... For sure our pals @Rainbow6Game are expert with that stuff they may be able to help out! 148 Rainbow Six Siege@Rainbow6.1h v You are clearly not one of our 30 milliorn players. Have you even played Rainbow Six: Siege? We have NO swords. Ask @TheDivisionGame The Division@TheDivisionGame 1h v Sadly no swords here either, only some golf clubs, but perhaps @justdancegame can look into Scottish sword dancing? Just Dance 2018 @justdancega... 1h v The only killing powers we have are our killer moves. We're dancers, not fighters! :p @GhostRecon could probably help you more on this one! 93 Ghost Recon@GhostRecon 1h We have a wide selection of firearms, different types, customizable! And a crossbow. @Rocksmithgame seem to be about waving dangerous looking things around, maybe ask them? GHOST WAR th 3 89 Rocksmith@Rocksmithgame h We have axes, but no swords, sorry:( Have you asked @Steep Game yet? v Steep@Steep_Game 1h Well... our skis are quite pointy, but that's all we can offer @TheCrewGame,any thoughts? The Crew 2 @TheCrewGame-59m Do spoilers counts? We've got some massive wings on our cars! 10tl 7 Ubisoft @Ubisoft Replying to @TheCrewGame and @Steep_Game I love inside Love to be a part 6:20 pm 31 May 18 23 Retweets 156 Likes Tweet your reply <p>Ubisoft devs having a bit of fun via /r/memes <a href="https://ift.tt/2snDS7H">https://ift.tt/2snDS7H</a></p>

Ubisoft devs having a bit of fun via /r/memes https://ift.tt/2snDS7H