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<p>I put an hour of my life into this, enjoy this guide for the info on the variants of memery.</p>: PUT 5 DOLLARS IN POCKET Normie Jokes are simple and often juvenile, enjoyed by 8 year olds and out of touch 40 year old mothers on Facebook. No levels of irony whatsoever Nesting grounds Facebook r/comedycemetary, 9gag. PULL OUT 10 mememenerator.net Dank A big step above normie, dank memes constantly challenge taboos and are not afraid to tread near the edge. While still many are fresh, most of them become normies after a while. A couple layers or irony. Nesting grounds- r/dankmemes, Ifunny (admit it), Twitter. Self aware Memes that reference and collaborate with other memes. While very similar to dank memes, these memes are usually of higher quality and originality then regular dank memes. Nesting grounds - same as dank memes 25 AMAZING CELEBRITY WEIGHT CHANGES Edgy Memes that take a good long look at the edge, spit on it, and then make a mad sprint over it towards the horizon. These memes usually feature racism, dead or dying animals (or people) and national tragedies like school shootings or terrorist attacks. Nesting grounds-r/wac r/dankmemes, Instagram kytictacs, 4chan, Wholesome The polar opposite of edgy memes, wholesome memes seek to brighten your day with messages of love, self worth, and determination. Only men with a heightened level of intelligence are able to enjoy such positive memes. WAN TO LOV AND SUPRORT YO Nesting grounds - r/wholesomememes ronic FART NIGGAS Now we are getting to the good stuff. Ironic memes are memes that are shitty on purpose They are usually made to look like normie memes to heighten their shittyness. LIKE Nesting grounds r/dankmemes, sometimes Facebook when normies fail to recognize their irony OOPS-I SHITTED IM PUSSVE Deep fried We are reaching the bottle of the barrel here. The fryer barrel. Enter deep fried memes, ghetto Twitter shit put through the sharpen filter in GIMP 8 times and then jpeg'd a couple times for good measure Nesting grounds - r/deepfried memes Surreal do u ever Imagine a meme from the 4th dimensional plane made by elder Gods that eat mortals for breakfast. There is no underlying concept here, in fact, you can't understand them. If you CAN understand them, you are probably a quantom sparrow from the realm of sheelshebub Nesting grounds - r/surrealmemes <p>I put an hour of my life into this, enjoy this guide for the info on the variants of memery.</p>