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Bad, Batman, and Bitch: lastsonlost: siryouarebeingmocked: jlongbone: Batwoman: First Look | TRAILER REACTION @hello-kitty-senpai @formallyknownasjoesmother @nunyabizni @the-mighty-birdy @libertarirynn @robert-the-redhead-lover @omega-bellum @odinoco @thesocialjusticecourier @siryouarebeingmocked @cisnowflake @lastsonlost Turn down the volume or put on headphones, folks. Thaaat said, I bet her main character arc is going to be about being an edgy lesbian rebel. Kind of like Arrow, except Ollie’s always had to subvert the System, not flout it entirely. Like someone on Youtube said, the line should’ve been “when it fits me”. The Alfred-like character is Lucius Fox’s son, Luke. And in the comics, he’s Batwing II. In fact, he actively wanted to get recruited by Batman. If this version is anything like that, it would explain the Taser. “No guns, no killing!” But that version had MMA experience, and homeboy here certainly does not. Five bucks says Kate disarms him. Oh, and of course they think she’s Batman, because she stole his costume and doesn’t have the red wig yet! Duh! That’s not sexism, that’s branding! Incidentally, she started with short hair in the comics. The red wig is a decoy, so bad guys pull it, it comes off, and then she turns around and ruins their whole career. So it’s not actually the CW’s fault. Honestly, I gave up hope for any subtlety in this series when Kate conspicuously flirted with Kara less than five screentime minutes after she first appeared. “Did I mention I am a lesbian?” WHAT THE FUCK did they Luke Fox? The man is a brick shithouse made of Genius not a frightened little bitch with a stun gun. Wow that was… Something. I never dreamed it would be that bad. I would literally rather watch Captain Marvel.