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Africa, Creepy, and Growing Up: molody-of-the-sea luluboolovesyou: iimogen: Cape Point, South Africa Where tho Indian and Atlantic Ocean meot This amazos me. Wow、 Woah... been right at this point This reminds me of MarioKart and you drove off into the water and then you hit the darker blue water and you were basically fucked and had to give your coins to that creepy flying turtle thing. two kinds of people AldenRants 39-50 @Jcd2703 asked me to rant about people who make fun of millennials! Am I biased in this argument because I am myself a millennial *entire Victorian-style ballroom attendance gasps in dismay* or am I prejudiced because I can also be annoyed by millennials?? LET'S JUST ASSUME THEY CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT SO WE CAN GET ON WITH THIS. Literally every argument I've heard against the millennial mentality has either been hypocritical or ignorant. Not gonna lie, when I hear somebody tell me, "These kids today listening to their terrible music and reminiscing about things in their childhood," my initial thought is, "Oh, fuck yeah, you tell it like it is granny," but then it dawns on me on how that has always been a thing for people to do. NOBODY HAS EVER ESCAPED THE CLUTCHES OF BEING INTOLERABLE THROUGHOUT GROWING UP. THE TWIST BY CHUBBY CHECKER IS UNEQUIVOCALLY THE 1960s EQUIVALENT TO WATCH ME (WHIP-NAENAE.) "Only 90's Kids will remember this" AND "Back in my day-" IN CONTEXT ARE THE EXACT SAME THING. In a way we're alllll just millennials on different stages of life