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Marriage, Memes, and Oh My God: You know what? Ma loves you too tight. You're hugging me So so much. You're hugging me too long! Facts forgreys HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS ABOUT TONIGHTS EPISODE OF GREYS ANATOMY. CONTAINS SPOILERS. • • • • • • HOLY CRAPPPPPPPPPPPP Okay, to start off Jessica Brooke Capshaw was so flipping adorable (as usual lol)!!!!! Just wanted to get that out there!! I'm so happy to see Alex back in his (navy) blues operating again!! I just really want Meredith to get back in too😣 The mom of the boy shouldn't have yelled like that at Jo. How was she to know that the estranged husband was abusive to her and her son?! She brought him into the room thinking that he was still included in their family. That wasn't her fault and I hated watching her beat herself up for it. I could see that that man's presence really upset Jo though. I could see that it reminded her of her own abusive and unhappy (for lack of a better word) marriage. It killed me seeing her like that. If the father had not donated his kidney, I would have liked to have seen the kidney go to the boy and not back to the mom. It would have made the most sense, and I'm sure that that's what the mom would have wanted too. HAHAH CROSS WILL FOREVER BE MY FAV INTERN LMAO THAT GUYS HILARIOUS Arizona and Eliza's conversations throughout the entire episode were soooooo freakin adorable!!! Outside when Arizona and Eliza were talking, what Arizona was saying about not wanted to pretend to hate her and not wanting to have to sneak around anymore reminded me of an old Slexie scene where Lexie tells Mark that she's "dating Anne frank" and that she "doesn't want to sneak around anymore and she wants to tell the Germans to kiss her ass". 😰 slexiefeels AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD 👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 THE KISS IT WAS SO PASSIONATE I CAN ALREADY TELL THAT THEYRE GONNA BE SUCH A GREAT COUPLE OMG I CANT EVEN I SHIP ARILIZA SO HARD AND I HOPE THEY RISE!!!!!! I'm just nervous about when Jackson, Richard and Maggie find out that they'll treat her the way that everyone treated April last episode. IM STILL STICKING WITH MY PREDICTION FROM LAST WEEK THAT RICHARD WILL GET TO KEEP HIS JOB AS THE RESIDENCY DIRECTOR AND THAT ELIZA WILL BECOME THE CHIEF OF ORTHO!! I'm calling it now!!! – those were my thoughts on the ep!