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Click, Fucking, and Funny: N THE text in MSPa Do r rotate omegapausestuck: koobaxion: alphaplayfree: alienpapacy: you ever see an image and think “i may see something as funny as this again, but never anything funnier” ALL RIGHT YOU LITTLE SHITS GET READY TO LEARN SOMETHING yOU WANNA ROTATE TEXT?! well mod 5ider has got the fucking t r i c k s homie Step one: Type something. P E R F E C T. sTEP TWO: FIND THE RESIZE OPTION. You see that little resize button on your menu? Yeah, that’s the one. you can just click that shit! On older versions of MS Paint there isn’t this option, but you can always find it with a quick right-click. THERE IT FUCKING IS!!!!!  STEP THREE: STRETCH AND SKEW When you click resize, this menu comes up. I’m sure you all have seen this menu before, but for those who don’t, I’ll clue you in. The top options control the length and respective width of your artwork. you can choose to alter them separately, or all together Using that little “Maintain Aspect Ration” checkbox there, but that’s not important right now. wHat we’re focusing on is that skew option on the botttom. with that you can t i l t whatever image yuo have on your screen to the left to the right up and down. “BUT 5IDER!!!!!” you say, “THAT DOESN’T LOOK ROTATED AT ALL” wELL HOLD ON TO YOUR LUG NUTS BECAUSE I T ’ S T I M E F O R STEP 4: ULTRA COMBOOOOOOOO!!!!! now, comes the fun part. unlike its aspect ratio locked cousin, the stretch and skew options work independently from one another. So, you can do things like  and But that’s neither here nor there… what gets REALLY interesting is when your ratios are in opposite directions.. HOME RUN! Now, before I let you go, I found out through trial and error that an angle doesn’t exactly match up with its negative dimension… (Step 5: Angular ratios) See? there’s a little offset between vertical and horizontal if your expect your text to appear natural instead of tilted. The only places that this offset reaches zero is at 90° (of course) and the rare and extremely dangerous 45° rotations. Fortunately, I’ve already mapped out a few angles that I find are very useful in my works so, for your viewing pleasure… i present my handy dandy graph All you have to do is match up your desired angle up to its respective complement and you have quickly and efficiently rotated your first word in MS Paint. Have fun! You know, you guys really seemed to enjoy this post. Should I do more MS Paint tutorials in the future?
Chicago, Church, and Hello: your-fave-is-catholic: Your Fave Is Catholic: John Mulaney Known for: Emmy Award winning television actor, stand-up comedian, producer. He is probably best known for being a cast member on the hit television show Saturday Night Live, but other television shows under his belt include Best Week Ever, Mayne Street, Ugly Americans, Kroll Show, The Jim Gaffigan Show, Big Mouth, several more appearances here there. He also has had his own stand-up comedy specials, those being The Top Part, John Mulaney: New In Town, John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid, John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City. Additionally, he also is part of the comedy act The Oh, Hello Show with fellow comedian Nick Kroll. He is also going to be the voice of Peter Porker/Spider Ham in the upcoming film Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse.  Evidence of Faith: Various sources confirm that John’s father, Charles W. “Chip” Mulaney, Jr., was an Irish Catholic man. Because of this, it’s safe to say that he raised John as a Catholic. In an interview with St. Louis Today, John also confirms that he attended at Jesuit run high School (St. Ignatius in Chicago) was greatly inspired with the great missionary work adventures his teachers would go on. Additionally, somebody here on Tumblr informed the mod of some other evidence as well. In his stand-up special Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, he does a routine where he talks about going to church as a kid, that while he may poke fun at the Catholic faith, he gets offended when non-Catholics poke fun at it, since his parents are still highly religious. Lastly, in an interview with Stephen Colbert, he talks about his experience as an altar boy how they both chose their Confirmation names after their late brothers.

your-fave-is-catholic: Your Fave Is Catholic: John Mulaney Known for: Emmy Award winning television actor, stand-up comedian, producer. He ...

Advice, Bad, and Chill: please use protection when doing the do, maybe also don't have sex with murderers ao3tagoftheday: nyocanada15: ao3tagoftheday: infinty-forest: ao3tagoftheday: [Image Description: Tags reading “please use protection when doing the do, maybe also don’t have sex with murderers”] The AO3 Tag of the Day is: “Don’t have sex with murderers” is an important safe sex tip #mod ej#death#violence#wear condoms for fucks sake#and don’t have sex with murderers#I mean#if you insist on having sex with murderers#please wear a condom while doing so#or get the murderer to wear a condom#whichever is applicable#although fuck that internal condoms are a thing#and you personally are responsible for your sexual health#but even if condoms are involved#fucking murderers is still a bad idea#don’t do it#this has been an absurdist episode of#mod ej gives advice#submissionOP’s tags are always a gift. I just realized I left out a really important piece of information:Some murderers will try to persuade you to have sex with them. They may do this by murdering people while shirtless and listening to classical music. They may also describe the feeling of murdering someone in suspiciously sensual terms. Some murderers may tell you they are tortured by their inner demons and that only your love can keep them from continuing their bloody rampage. Do not be fooled! Do not have sex with them, even if they smile in a predatory yet irresistibly attractive way! You have a right to assert yourself in defense of your own sexual health! What the fuck MOD EJ Friend. What kind of blog do you think you’re following, my dude? Why the fuck would you think I’m sane, bro? I started an argument about corpses having casual sex. I looked up scientific articles about bat cunnilingus. I just finished making a shirt that says “Turtles Don’t Fuck.” I have no chill, buddy. I am not even in the vicinity of fucking around. When given the opportunity to be ridiculous, I don’t just take it, I grab it with both hands, shove it in my mouth, suck it till it comes down my throat, swallow, and then shit this bizarre fucking content right onto my keyboard and slam that motherfucking post button!So nyocanada15, my friend, my buddy. I don’t understand. Please explain this to me. Why is this gentle reminder to young people who might be manipulated into unsafe sexual behavior by murderers who can “see the darkness within them” or some shit like that—why is this your breaking point? Why is it only now that you stop and say “what the fuck mod ej”? Haven’t I earned that already!?
Butt, Crush, and Dating: carry-on-my-wayward-butt: youropinion-iswrong: lornagonigall: preciousorgel: t1nk3r-t0y: bunney: bunney: jellycarp: sonic-for-real-justice: transyuri: justice for mod silver what the hell is this?!! ♥♡♀mod amy♀♡♥ This is a moment in history WHERES THE FULL LENGTH FILM Honestly throw back to thisThis was the peak of tumblr Is Is this real Can I get a tumblr history lesson Tumblr history lesson coming up alright so its May 30th 2015, and this blog appears out of the blue. It’s a self-proclaimed REAL SJW blog, only they made a point of hating ‘special snowflakes’ aka any gender or sexuality that were not one of the well-known ones.  They all take the persona of a Sonic character, and at the time of the blog’s creation there were 6: Mods Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Tikal, Tails….and Silver. The blog hadn’t been active for 24 hours before Mod Silver allegedly closed the ask box. As you can see from the rules page at the time, this was a clear violation of the rules: The other mods were displeased, in particular Mod Amy who ignored his stated reasons for doing so and furiously demanded that he contact her on skype. Mod Silver was promptly removed from the blog for his first offence, however not before the blog’s followers took note of another rule on the list: Be kind to Mod Silver. The tumblr masses became angry at Mod Amy’s hypocrisy and called for her to be removed from the blog, starting the trends #IStandWithModSilver and #DownWithModAmy. She responded by saying she had done nothing wrong by disobeying the Mod Silver rule as the rules had been updated after his removal: This only made Mod Silver sympathizers angrier, increasing the pressure on Mod Amy. The whole thing upset Mods Tails and Tikal greatly, with Mod Tails trying to stand up for Mod Silver and Mod Tikal refusing to pick a side. At the end of the day, the blog had 10,000 followers, and both Mod Amy and Mod Sonic confirmed that Mod Silver was gone for good.  BUT WE AREN’T DONE. The very next day, Mod Tails resigned after alleged harassment by Mod Amy.  Mod Sonic then revealed that he and Mod Amy had been dating in secret. Mod Knuckles was recruited, hoping to be a peacemaker of sorts, and became the only Mod with the authority to change the rules. Later the same day, Mod Tikal was banned from the blog after labeling herself a demigirl, which violated the ‘special snowflake’ rule: On June 1st, Mod Sally joined the blog, but it simply made things worse as Mod Amy immediately suspected that Mod Sonic might have feelings for them. This caused an argument between the three, with Mod Shadow helping to stir up dust by making posts about Mod Sonic’s supposed crush. Knowing he was likely going to be banned, Mod Shadow then made his final post: Mod Sonic replied the next day confirming Mod Shadow’s removal. He then changed his name to Mod Super Sonic, and removed Mod Knuckles from the Mod List without warning for a violation of the rules (debated below): After which Mod Sally resigned, unwilling to put up with all the drama. Mod Amy was then unexpectedly banned by Mod Sonic, who had once again changed his name: Mod Sonic was now the only Mod left, and nobody knew what he would do next. The answer turned out to be… nothing, as 6 days of inactivity was a violation of the rules, and he left the blog. The story get less interesting from here. Mods Silver and Shadow returned to the blog alongside new Mods Blaze, Classic Sonic, and Classic Amy (both of which claimed not to be the originals). After a kerfuffle involving Mod Shadow claiming that Mod Silver encouraged hate of Mod Amy (which he then took back), Mods Classic Sonic and Classic Amy were removed for inactivity. FAST FORWARD TO AUGUST 2016, Mod Shadow became angry when a new Mod refused to pick a Sonic character for the blog, instead choosing Nagito Komaeda from Dangan Ronpa 2. They began arguing immediately: Since then, the blog has changed its theme to include Dangan Ronpa characters rather than Sonic ones, thought their URL remains the same. PLEASE look up screenshots, there are way more than the ones I included, but this post is long enough already. So ends the tale of Sonic For Real Justice, as I remember it I’VE BEEN WONDERING FOR SO LONG they’re a fun gay yugioh blog now