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College, Fucking, and Lawyer: TRUM 159650291823782704528885 2088726311223753541_n.jpg 130 KB JPG Story time folks >Be me >Trump supporter >Trump sign outside to trigger mostly millennial college near by >Constantly getting run over and pulled out >Think of idea (pic related) >Plant nails and wait sOne day a woman comes to my door >Fat, purple hair, 23 at most, red at the face and starts screaming at me about how it's my fault her tires are flat OhLordMySides.exe >She says if I don't reimburse her for her tire she'll get the police involved Sudden ldea Tell her to leave her information so I can send her the check since I would need to go to the bank Actually does it Call my lawyer to set up the lawsuit >Get my outside cameras to see her running over my sign >Give her name address and car tags to confirm it was her car >Take her to court, open and shut case Pay for damages >Throw in some bullshit about emotional damage "I don't feel like me or my property is safe just because of my political views" >Actually fucking works >She loses her fucking shit at this point >Starts screaming about how I agreed to pay and how this should be illegal NoProof.jpeg Says she can't pay for basic living expenses or college if she has to pay this >Based Judge says "You should of thought about that before tearing down someone's property, you have 30 days to pay She gets her tires destroyed, humiliated in court, can't pay for living expenses, probably got kicked out of college and had to pay me 3k in emotional damages So, guys, what parts of my PC should I upgrade? Pic related siryouarebeingmocked: krungle: inked-up-nomad: miggybeardo: rightsmarts: Read this entire thing, pedes. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Fucking Savage Probably didn’t happen, but a good story. Yeah it sounds a lot like a #ThatHappened story tbh