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Dating, Facebook, and Friends: Ro Khanna e @RoKhanna Follow The FCC is getting ready to overturn #NetNeutrality. If they succeed, ISPs will be able to split the net into packages. This means that you will no longer be able to pay one price to access any site you want. Amir AmirAminiMD The idea of forcing financially struggling families, students/school kids to choose b/w "social med/entertainment packs" & news/educational packs" is Orwellian at best. This sick country has made healthcare a question of income & is a/b to do same w/ information. #NetNuetrality You tv com $29.95 $10 $O $10 $5 Broadcast Yourself TELCO NETFUIX ADSL Your email. Your world wide web. Your imagination. includes 500 MB of free transfers to non-peering websites at full speed. Limited to 128 kbps thereafter hollywood $15 after September Includes free Huh, subscription. Enjoy exclusivecontent from your favourite networks. Google Blogger s twitter AOL, msn'!誓myspace.com YAHOO All social networks. All your friends. Includes all your dating sites. facebook AO $5 YAHOO! SEARCH WWORDPRESS.COM flickrYouTube pathfinder place for friends friendster Includes a massive extra 1000 MB the social a month to Broadcast Yourse to 256 kbps thereafter Just $5 after three months Baiate Яндекс lost.fm $5 $5 $5 Найдется осе WEB.DE emusic BBC indiatimes PANDORA Onapster. news Rhapsody Com.au international the beat Includes the top 200services from over 30 countries Listen to your favourite music. Includes three months of emusic. amazoncom (yal digg lbrxtu Jlork Üines sta msnibe CAN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL LosAngeles Cimes THE HUFFINGTON POST FOX EWS verstock.com marketplace news Save money. Shop online. All your favourite things, secure and fast. Includes Internet Banking from over 20 financial institutions. Access to services not pictured here may incur additional costs News Freak? Get your fix. Indudes free online access to your local news site. Recharge WORLD WARCRAFT STEAM Your full-speed quota wasn't enough? A massive 2000 MB for access to your company's VPN at full speed. For accessing your friends' non-peering websites at full speed. For getting your emals faster and the included limit didn't cutit. Or if you're a web designer and need some extra buffer $5 realArcade. playground recharge GAMETAP Gamer? We hear you. Unwind, relax and play hard. Whether it be the world wide web, VPN or email, we have you covered. politicalsci: