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Ass, Baby Got Back, and Beer: My friends and I like to play drinking games, and last night we made our own Drunk Jenga. We had ton of fun, so I thought I'd share: Here's what we wrote on the tiles -2 Truths and a Lie-Tell two truths and one lie, everyone mu ess which was the lie. You drink for every person correc -Accent- You must speak in an accent for the rest of the game -Arm Wrestle Arm wrestle the person to your left. Loser -Aunt Bertha Everyone gets to pinch your cheeks -Baby Got Back- Give a drink to the person with the best ass -Bar Wench-You have to fetch everyone's drinks -Blind Man Take a block with your eyes closecd -Bob Dole You can only refer to yourself in the third person for the rest of the game -Castaway-You can only talk to inanimate objects for the rest of the game -Compliments-Give a compliment to everyone in the room -Crazy Cat Lady Drink for every cat you have every owned -Crypt Keeper-Oldest person drinks -Embryo-Youngest person drinks -Dance-You have to dance for at least a minute -Date Pick someone to 'date'for the rest of the game, when you drink, they drink, and vice versa -Dick Pic- A dick is drawn on the block, you have to take a photo with it and post it on social media (or text it to your Mom/Dad) Down the Hatch Finish your drink -Edward Scissorhand-You must hold two butterknives for the rest of the game and do everything with them -Find a Hat Find a hat (or something that can be a hat) and wear it for the rest of the game -Flashback-Go to the Facebook or Instagram of someone not in the room, and 'like' one of their photos that is at least a year old -Fresh Meat - Person who most recently had sex drinks -Gary Coleman Shortest person drinks Lurch-Tallest person drinks -Gays- Gay people drink Straights -Straight people drink drink Give 3 Make someone drink 3 times -Hand Switch You can only use your non-dominant hand for the -Kitten Mittens -You must play the rest of the game wearing gloves -Make a rule You make a rule that holds for the rest of the game -Make a Speech -Make a speech for 60 seconds -Mustache (draw a mustache on the tile) -you have to hold the mustache up to your mouth for the rest of the game, including when drinking -Moving Violation Drink if you've had sex in a car, drink 2x if the car was moving -Never Have l Ever-play a 3 finger game of never have I ever -Nicknames You assign nicknames to everyone (including yourself) and people can only use those names for the rest of the game -No Guts, No Glory - You can't take any center pieces -Phone Call- Call someone, if they don't pick up, leave a message -Question Master-You are the question master for the rest of the game, if anyone answers a question you ask them, they drink -Rewind- Take a block from the top and put it back in the tower (can't be on the very bottom row) Send a sexy selfie -send a sexy selfie to anyone not in the room. No significant others, no snapchats Sharing is Caring- Everyone pours a little bit of their drink into a cup, you have to shoot the concoction Sibling Rivalry-Drink for every sibling you have Sobriety Test Remove another block while drinking Strip - Remove a piece of clothing (Jewelry, hats, shoes, etc me cou The Real Slim Shady -You have to stand for the rest of the game -Time Out Stand with your face in the corner of the room until your next turn. No talking or drinking Top Swap- Change shirts with someone T-Rex Arms-You must do everything with T-Rex arms for the rest of the game (elbows touching your sides) -Tribal Council - Everyone votes, person with the most votes finishes their drink. (Alternative: person with the most votes stops playing) -Trivia Everyone else comes up with one trivia question to ask you, if you lose you drink (if you win, the person who asked you/came up with the question drinks) Truth or Dare You pick, then everyone else comes to a consensus of what you have to do -Wasted Education-One drink for every year of education irrelevant to your current job Punishment for knocking down the tower is either chug a beer or take a shot. Funny Pictures brought to you by LolSnaps. Constant updates of the best funny pictures on the web.