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<p>Another wholesome Green text via /r/wholesomememes <a href="http://ift.tt/2s7R94O">http://ift.tt/2s7R94O</a></p>: Anonymous (D: +pPpY26W) 05/27/13(Mon)19:40:53 No.483071292 Replies: 2483072082 File: 1369698053584jpa-(35 KB, 467x528, tumblr_ld1dgtWxUd1qbch4xo1 500.jpg) >Be 18, typical cynical, fresh-out-of-high-school kid >"Ive given up on the entire human race" bullshit >Working summer job at an amusement park operating rides >A particularly unpleasant smelling, socially awkward, obviously homeless man is a regular guest. >Apparently he had a bad injury years back doing factory work and needed a cane to walk. >Couldn't find much besides odd jobs to keep afloat because of his disability >Saved up all of the money he'd make from October-May to buy a season pass to the park every year. >Free drinks, free water, free showers, plus he could play all the games, see the live shows, go swimming every day >And he was there every day >Asked him why he chose to spend his money there instead of making sure he always had enough food. >"Here, I can escape from my life. IlIl never be able to travel the world, but here Ive met people from all over the world." >3 years later, I'm a manager overseeing every department in the park. >l've spent a lot of time talking to him over the years >l knew he'd be back just like every other year >Paid for his season pass out of pocket, adding a free meals pass to it. >Had it waiting for him when he came to pay for his pass, along with a note. >From October-April, we had been adding new attractions to the park. As a manager, I had a good amount of creative input. sWe all decided on doing an around the world" theme. Different sections and rides all had their own styles based on different parts of the world. >Reopened in May. >3 days into the season, I'm doing my rounds when I am bear hugged from behind. >He is crying his eyes out and can only put out "Thank you so much." >He pulled out the note l left him: You brought hope into my world. I wanted you to be able to see that world. >I will never forget the look he gave me that day >That fucking guy made me feel human for the first time in my life. Anonymous (ID: 6aYCNak) 05/27/13(Mon)19:44:58 No. 483072082 File: 1369698298627 iog-(8 KB, 251x240, 1369686584542 jpg) 334 Anonymous (ID: PuyBjcc) 05/27/13(Mon)19:45:19 No.483072174 nice read <p>Another wholesome Green text via /r/wholesomememes <a href="http://ift.tt/2s7R94O">http://ift.tt/2s7R94O</a></p>