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Ass, Bless Up, and Blessed: She comes here every day to give him a kiss and then leaves @DrSmashlove Say Bruh y'all ever get into a relationship and u invest your heart in that shit and then a couple months later the shit collapse and u high key a little sad that another thingie washed out but u low key pleased that it didn't skretch out a year and a half? Like bruh. Look at what our generation has become 😂. We so used to shit falling apart that now it's just like "Dear God if u could make this quick that would be amazing because that whole year and a half shit wear me down proper. Like six seasons? Like it's hot then cold then hot again then slightly cold again and this shit still ain't collapse? Oh wait ... this is over? We doing short, impersonal, dead ass zombie replies now? The shackles have fallen off? Dass it? THANK YOU GOD I LOVE U FOR REAL FOR REAL THIS WAS A QUICKIE. LET ME LICK MY WOUNDS FOR A SEC REMINISCE FOR A COOL LIL MINUTE AND THEN HAVE MY THREE DAYS OF A SLIGHT FUNK AND THEN GET BACK TO IT I LOVE U GOD YOU ARE PRAISED"...😂...and the crazy thing is? The old you would had been like "what's up baby", "is everything ok baby", "let's talk about it baby"...but see there's a difference...the old you had time for the fuckshit...today? Tomotherfuckingday bruh? U got ZERO time for the fuckshit. The fuckshit? U use to embrace it...hug it...bask in it...but today? U just like "NOT TODAY, JESUS" 🙋‍♂️. That new you? The one that ain't got time for the fuckshit? Embrace that side of you, that's a blessing, that's called "personal growth" BLESS UP 😍😂😂😂