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Omg, Tumblr, and Blog: C-SECTION COMICS PLEASE LORD THE PE PLE WO LD LIKE TO KNOW THE SECRET OF HOW THE WORLD wAg CREATED lere you gO oses. Anuthin else before you leave? Very well. hortly after the Big Bang, the universe was filled homogencously and isotropically with a very high energu density and huge temperatures and pressures and was very rapidly expanding an cooling. At first the universe grew exponentially and inflated. When inflation stopped, reheating occurred until the universe obtained the temperatures required for the production of a quark-gluon plasma as well as all other elementary particles such as electrons, positrons and other leptons and quarks. At that point the Fourteen billion years ago, the universe was in a high temperature and high density state. Then the Big Bang occurred, and the universe began cooling and expanding... perature was so intense that the random motions of particles were at relativistic speed and particle-antiparticle pairs of all kinds were being created and destroued continuously via collisions. At some point, a small excess o quarks and leptons over anti-quarks and anti Lepton5, oftheorder of one parti,00million, was created. This resulted in the predominance of matterover antimatter in the present universe rotons neutrons and electrons were first llu but then sto moving relativ minutes into the expansion the temperature was about a billion Kelvin and the universe kept cooling And that is how the world was create uestions? Right. Wh at meant to say PHEW! FINALLY YOU'RE STARTING TO MAKE SENSE! is that created the world a ll by myself, 2500 years ago. ook me only six days, too! C-SECTION COMICS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED www.cSECTIONCOMICS.COM <p><a href="https://omg-images.tumblr.com/post/159824026207/not-exactly-the-answer-he-had-in-mind" class="tumblr_blog">omg-images</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>Not exactly the answer he had in mind</p></blockquote>

omg-images: Not exactly the answer he had in mind