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Books, Friends, and Guns: CBS News @CBSNews BREAKING: Abortions after six weeks will now be illegal in Georgia as Gov. Kemp signs the "heartbeat bill" cbsn.ws/2JmzeAg 11:05 AM May 7, 2019 Sprinklr 568 Retweets 1.1K Likes snowy2989: skykull: sleepyowlet: bonkai-diaries: she-lives-in-my-lap: classyblacksoul: adriennegabriella: classyblacksoul: Wtf most women don’r even know they are pregnant at 6 weeks. This is violence. Keep reading Ever notice how it’s never the time to talk about guns–even though NOBODY is immune to a bullet–but it’s always time to talk about abortions and new bills to stop them? They really should say they hate women and go. Fuckin idiots smh IT GETS WORSE: I propose a post-natal abortion for every fucker who voted for this bill. As a Georgian, this terrifies me. My husband and I are shocked. My friends are worried. But we can let Kemp know that we oppose this bill. https://gov.georgia.gov/contact-us Address:The Office of the GovernorState of Georgia203 State CapitolAtlanta, Georgia 30334 Mailing address:206 Washington StreetSuite 203, State CapitolAtlanta, GA 30334 Please, please let yourself be heard. Inform and organize others. We cannot change things by sitting around.  Everyone should be aware that this bill is already on the books in Ohio and other states. In Ohio it has no exceptions for rape or incest, either, irregardless of the victim’s age - there’s a rumor going around that there’s an 11-year-old in the northwest who’s legally unable to abort her pregnancy.