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Candy, New York, and Taken: JRehling @JRehling THREAD In 2016, Trump posted a photo of himself that gave away more than he intended. An open desk drawer revealed box after box of Sudafed, piled on top of one another. 11:32 AM Oct 5, 2019 - Twitter Web App 8.1K Retweets 18.9K Likes JRehling @JRehling 23h Replying to @JRehling Even stranger, although the photo was taken in New York, the boxes include a type that is only sold in the United Kingdom, with a different box and distinctive ingredients not found in the U.S. SUDAFED MUCUS RELIEF DAY& NIGHT Capsules Paracetamol, Caffeine & Phenylephrine Reduces mucus Two different capsules-one for day and one for night 16 capsules DAY NIGHT t 486 89 2.4K JRehling @JRehling 23h Sudafed is sometimes used for a high that includes increased alertness, but also has a side effect of pupil dilation t 481 65 2.8K JRehling @JRehling 23h Abuse of this drug was rare, but in order to limits its abuse, regulations were passed limiting the frequency in which an individual could purchase it, and requiring the individual show ID. t270 68 1.9K JRehling @JRehling 23h The desk drawer full of Sudafed, including boxes in New York purchased in the UK indicate that the legal limits of purchase are being circumvented, and that the then-candidate Trump was abusing Sudafed for its high rather than its decongestant effect 27 t490 2.9K JRehling @JRehling 23h From addictionhope.com "A sign of abuse of this drug might be finding a large amount of cold medicine drug packaging among someone's belongings." Addiction Hope: Resources for Those Struggling.. Addiction Hope is an online recovery & support resource site. You'll find education about addicti... addictionhope.com 4 t278 2.1K JRehling @JRehling 23h Beyond pupil dilation, more serious side effects include hallucinations and paranoid psychosis It is very concerning for the entire planet that someone with access to nuclear weapons is showing signs of abusing a drug that leads to paranoid psychosis 16 L 719 4.1K JRehling @JRehling 23h A desk drawer full of a controlled substance, however benign, shows signs that someone is systematically circumventing the law. The side effects of a cold drug are particularly concerning in this case, is a threat to the security of the United States and the world. [END] and this ti394 43 2.7K JRehling @JRehling 23h Note: These observations are not original or complete. @CaslerNoel has posted on this previously, with additional details and deserves all credit for noticing this earlier. NoelCaslerComedy @CaslerNoel Sep 9 Trump snorted Adderall all thru the day on 'Apprentice' he also ate UK. Sudafed like candy. But at night and at parties he switched to cocaine and high-end Methamphetamine that was hand-delivered by Bikers. The point is he was always high. That hasn't changed. @realDonaldTrump 1687 3.2K 45 JRehling @JRehling 16h Replying to @JRehling In response to many who have wondered if the photo is real, it is still up on Trump's Twitter timeline. twitter.com/realdonaldtrum... chaoswolf1982: liberalsarecool: catbirdseat4u: ➣ NBD people…  Just the latest thing trending on Twitter ➣ Oh, and you can access Trump’s original tweet HERE. #SudafedHead Trump is not well. #Sudafed #addict Trump was never well. It’s just that now the proof is coming out.

chaoswolf1982: liberalsarecool: catbirdseat4u: ➣ NBD people…  Just the latest thing trending on Twitter ➣ Oh, and you can access Trump’s...