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Crazy, Driving, and Fire: ceasarslegion Reporter in the Marvel unviverse: Anthony Stark, well-known as a generous philanthropist, the CEO of Stark Industries, and his alter-ego "Iron Man," under fire today after a controversial video he posted to his personal Vine account went viral. The short footage showed Stark in the passenger seat of a car, driving by an anti-homosexual rally, repeatedly shouting "I love sucking [expletive for male genitalia]" out of the open window. purgatoryandme A+ Concept, I love it, I'm dying, it's too good. It becomes the hottest new meme throughout the US. Every single time there's some homophobic rally, Hell, every time there's a rally held by homophobes whether or not the rally was ABOUT homophobia there's now teens doing drive-by's being like "Ahem, this one is for Tony Stark ILOVE SUCKING [expletive for male genitalia]". The meme keeps escalating as people find newer and funnier ways to bleep out what they are saying in real time and on Vine. The most popular way? The sound of a repulser charging up The whole thing drives homophobes crazy. They hate it so much, it literally has some people trying to create their own counter meme ("I love sucking UP TO JESUS") that goes very very badly (exactly how you'd expect). So, out of options, they try to sue Tony. Everybody should know better than to sue Tony. His lawyers tear them apart. There's an unholy grin on Tony's face during the entire publicized case - he's in a rainbow suit. He's in rainbow shades. He's wearing a harness over his suit and his shoes literally leave glitter footprints everywhere he goes. His tie says "I love sucking [REPULSER NOISE]. Twitter goes nuts. A still of Tony from the trial, one where he is sarcastically blowing pink glitter into the face of a woman trying to hit him with a picket sign, becomes a reaction image nobody can resist. You wanna represent how tired you are of homophobic comments? That's your image. It's usually coupled by one of Rhodey in the background, military dress uniform smeared in glitter and a blatant glittery kiss mark pressed to his cheek, staring at the ceiling and praying for death this is canon now

this is canon now

Energy, Smooth, and Work: sh-H110M-DS2: /Documents/new simulations/nbnb_ nbnb Progran PHSCF v.6.2 (svn rev. 14038) starts on 7Aug This program is part of the open-sour for quantum sinulation of materials; please cite ce Quantum ESPRES "P. Gannozzt et al., J. Phys. :Condens. Matter 21 3 "P. Giannozzi et al., J. Phys. :Condens. Matter 29 4 URL http://www.quantum-espresso.org", in publications or presentations arising from this work. http://www.quantum-espresso.org/quote Parallel version (MPI), running on 2 processors MPI processes distributed on 1 nodes R & G space division: proc/nbgrp/npool/ninage Waiting for input... Reading input from standard input 2 Current dimensions of program PWSCF are: Max number of different atonic species (ntypx)10 Max number of k-points (npk) = 40000 Max angular monentun in pseudopotentials (lmaxx) file Nb.pbe-spn-kjpaw psl.1.0.0.UPF: wavefunction(s) 49 Subspace diagonalization in iterative solution of the eigenvalue pr a serial algorithn will be used Parallelization info sticks: dense smooth densesmooth PW 7180 1852 71811853 14361 14361 37θ5 G-vecS Max sum 7180 7181 647115647115 84548 647116 647116 84553 1294231 1294231 169101 bravais lattice index lettice parameter (alat) = 46272.2229 (a.u.n3 sit-cell volume number of atoms/cell number of atomic types number of electrons number of Kohn-Sham states= kinetic-energy cutoff charge density cutoff convergence threshold mixing beta 28 364 . θθ 218 35.0000 Ry 0.8000 numbe「of iterations used = 8 TF mixing Exchange-correlation =SLA PW PBX PBC ( 1 4 3 4θθ) ceudn(4) 0.000000 celldn( 5) 0.000088 celldn(6) crystal axes: (cart. coord. in untts of alat) Ο.000000 rectprocal axes: (cart. coord. in units 2 pi/alat) Rainbow Terminal

Rainbow Terminal

Girls, Head, and Journey: oving events to rights, and maybe discover the conversation string affecting the world over time. Then we head to the beach to confront our truth about your mysterious past. Odyssey looks set to Origins, with a skew towards more some bold new directions. The people off cliffs, but with additions sandals of an outcast mercenary how characters behave around you, This could feel very similar to take the series insea warfare and 300-kicking larger fights will feature up to 300 characters in a battle, just like a famous movie. Amid the chaos we spot our target and enter some Origins-like combat, with dodges, parries, and strikes offering a tactical skirmish. We also see the Spartan-kick in action as Kassandra smashes her foe in the gut, sending him falling backwards. There's a neat parry move too, where she can disarm her enemy, flipping his shield skywards. setup sees you slip into the like dialogue choices that affect playing as either Alexios or Ubisoft is slowly adding more Kassandra - on a journey from complexity to its RPG-lite ideas. coun ar tactical scoundrel to Spartan warrior Ahead of you lays a whole lot of SOCRATIC QUESTIONING human history- Periods n collectibles, the entirety of Greece In the E3 demo we see much of what's new play out, first with Kassandra engaging in wordpla building a guild to set the world to with Socrates, our choices in the explore, and maybe an olive branch or two as you set about While on the surface it shares a lot with Origins, scratch deeper and this adventure has many features we've not seen before in Assassin's Creed - it could well be this generation's Black Flag. THIS ADVENTURE HAS MANY FEATURES WE'VE NOT SEEN BEFORE IN ASSASSIN'S CREED ion BEST SANDBOX E3 SHOWFLOOR VERDICT Assassin's Creed go next? Turns out Ubisoft is taking us to Ancient Alexios or Kassandra (your choice of gender doesn't affect the story), you get caught up in And if Origins' map was big, Odyssey's is bigger still, covering chunks of the mainland. Ubisoft promises hundred of quests' will be available, and there's certainly the space for them. There's evern scope for naval battles on the open seas. This sandbox is so big. you could well get lost in it. ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY Format PS4 ETA 5 0ct Pub Ubisoft Dev Ubisoft Montreal video-games-girls-play-to: all assassin’s creed odyssey pages scans (from the official playstation uk magazine august 2018)

video-games-girls-play-to: all assassin’s creed odyssey pages scans (from the official playstation uk magazine august 2018)

Christmas, Dude, and Goals: angryvoiddetective: bunjywunjy: karn-libated: saunter-vaguely-into-a-bookshop: iamemeraldfox: simonalkenmayer: build-a-diy: 8-foot giant squid pillow. You’ll need: 2 yards of felt 1 yard of patterned fabric (I suggest a polka dot-type pattern so it looks like suction cups) 1 medium piece of black felt, 1 medium piece of white felt (for the eyes) white thread, black thread and thread of the same color as the felt you’re using pins about 5 lbs. of stuffing a couple big sheets of paper to draw your pattern First, you need to draw out your patterns. Here’s a basic template to get you started, although most of the measurements are reasonably fudgeable. If in the likely event you don’t have any four-foot-long pieces of paper lying around, just tape a few pieces together. Once you’ve drawn out your eight patterns, it’s time to cut the fabric. Pin the pattern to the fabric, laid flat, and cut out the following, leaving a half an inch or so of extra fabric around the edge of the pattern: FOR THE ARMS: 8 felt and 8 fabric cutouts of piece 1 FOR THE, UH, LONGER ARMS: 2 felt and 2 fabric cutouts of piece 2 FOR THE BODY: 2 felt cutouts of piece 3 FOR THE FIN: 4 felt cutouts of piece 4 FOR THE HEAD: 1 felt cutouts of piece 6 FOR THE EYES: 2 white felt cutouts of piece 7 and 2 black felt cutouts of piece 8 So now you’ve got all your pieces ready, it’s time to start sewing them together. I did mine by hand because my sewing machine is busted and I get a kind of Zen buzz from sewing by hand, but if you have a non-busted one I recommend that you use it as it will be MUCH EASIER. You’re going to be sewing everything with the nice side of the fabric facing in, then turning it inside out to stuff it. THE ARMS: (To make a quilted pattern that looks like suckers, see this other post). Pin together one patterned fabric piece 1 and one felt piece 1 (with the nice sides facing the inside). Sew down around the U-shape and back up, leaving the top open. Then turn the arm inside out, stuff it (it’s easiest to do both of these things if you sort of scrunch it up like you’re trying to put on a pair of tights, excuse the non-dude-friendly reference) and sew the top closed. Do the same for the other seven arms and rejoice in the fact that this is the most tedious part. Same deal with the two long arms, they’re just harder to stuff. THE FINS: Pin together two of your piece 4s and sew together the curvy outer edge. Turn the piece inside out, so the seam you just sewed is on the inside, and start sewing up the other side, stuffing gradually as you go along. You should end up with a triangle-ish puffy thing. Repeat for the other two piece 4s. THE BODY: Put down one piece 3, then place the two fins you have down with the point up and the curvy side pointing in, then make a sandwich by putting the other piece 3 down on top. Pin it all together and sew around the edges with the two fins still inside, as shown. Turn it inside out and move on to… THE HEAD: So take piece 6 and the ten arms you’ve already done. Lay the arms, fabric side facing you, out with the arms’ top seams in a line half an inch from the top of piece 6. The order should be arm arm arm arm BIG ARM arm arm arm arm BIG ARM. The legs should be almost entirely covering piece 6. Pin them in place and sew a straight line through the individual legs seams to attach the legs to piece 6. When you pick up the other side of piece 6, you now have something resembling a really weird untied hula skirt. Sew together the two 9-inch ends of piece 6 with the fabric side of the arms on the outside, and keep it inside out for the moment. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Fit the open end of the body through the arms (still fabric side facing out) and pull the edge all the way through the felt cylinder so it’s even with the edge that DOESN’T have arms attached to it. Sew around the diameters of the head cylinder and the body cylinder to attach them, then pull the legs down over the head and you’re almost done! Stuff the body, then seal it off by sewing piece 5 over the open end (even if you do have a functional sewing machine, you’ll probably have to do this part by hand). THE EYES: Sew the black circles on the white circles and whipstitch the eyes onto the head. You do this last because you can’t tell where they’re going to end up on the end product if you put them on before stuffing the body. Oh my! The only plushie I’d allow on my couch. Goals tbh I adore this @bunjywunjy this seems like your kind of squid a friend of mine has one of these in red and green plaid and we called him Christmas Squid and used him instead of a tree @ceriseal

angryvoiddetective: bunjywunjy: karn-libated: saunter-vaguely-into-a-bookshop: iamemeraldfox: simonalkenmayer: build-a-diy: 8-foot gi...

Ass, Dude, and Facebook: with hrs When your mom kicks you out of the house, thanks a lot family' my ass! Like Comment dude you okay? if you need a place to crash u can stay here Like Reply- 19 hrs l message you later bro, and thanks 4having my back! just so pissed off cuz family are meant to have my back but they dont Like Reply O1-18 hrs icked you out of the house because your littie sister is pregnant and you are the father. You are a disgrace and after i respond to this silly status i am blocking you of facebook and you are never allowed back in my home again!! how can you even have the audacity to post this?? you are not my son anymore you are fucking dead to me. im disqusted with u Like Reply 50 15hrs wtmom do u realise how u hve made me feel? U have just fucking outed all of our personal shit out into the open n u think thts okay? Fuck u I dnt even fucking care if Im dead to u what happened is between Jessie an l and we explained everything tht happened u should have my back ur meant to be my mom and u are treating me like a fuckin criminal Like Reply O 2 10 hrs 履ㄧ ' - area criminal did di you comitted incest and not to mention your little sister is 15 and u are 31 ITS FUCKING DISGUSTING am ashamed i cant even show myself in the grocery store or anything because i feel so embarrassed u have ruined this family and ruined your sisters life & i do not care if the whole world sees this status because u dont deserve any sympathy i wish i never gave birth to you!! Like Reply 096 7 hrs ittster Write a reply what the fuck Like . Reply 20-4 hrs memehumor: Son gets kicked out of the house, makes a post about it on Facebook, gets outed by mother.