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Complex, Memes, and Twitter: TECH 'CONVERSATION HEALTH' July 30 |Twitter partners with academic researchers to study user interactions and discourse on the social platform. Twitter is turning to academic researchers to find ways in which the social platform can improve the ‘conversational health’ amongst its users. The initiative is a part of Twitter’s mission to maintain social relevance, as the platform reports it has lost 1 million users. ___ Back in March, Twitter called researchers for proposals as to how the platform could watch the types and tone of conversations between users. Over 230 proposals were reviewed by a variety of Twitter employees, and the company has decided on two research teams to tackle two different issues. ___ The first team, led by researchers from Leiden University, will handle echo chambers and uncivil discourse. The team will be measuring how much users interact and will create an algorithm that can distinguish between uncivilly and tolerance. ___ The second team, led by researchers at the University of Oxford and the University of Amsterdam, will look at interactions and distressing prejudice. Their project will look at how Twitter users treat (or mistreat) prejudice and discrimination when interacting with accounts of diverse viewpoints. ___ Twitter said in a statement: - "When the communication between groups contains more positive sentiments, cooperative emotions, and more complex thinking and reasoning from multiple perspectives, prejudice is reduced and relations can improve.” ___

Twitter is turning to academic researchers to find ways in which the social platform can improve the ‘conversational health’ amongst its use...

True, Work, and Amsterdam: Questions 1. Is Solution 2 a good one? Solution 2: Plan ahead Next time I'll get the cat sorted the day before. So, when it isti he airport, that is one problem less to worry about and I'll be o and more likely to make my flight. That's the benefit of thinking Problem 3 I have to writ Might there be a better one? 2. Is this problem solvable by using computational methods? e a chanter on solving problems and the deadlinei Example There are kn are things we There are kn is to say, the know we do are also un There are t we don't k Solution 1: Put it off and hope the problem will go aw his rarely happens. Sometimes at work, your boss as report and you knov th at stion is a rational approach to saving effort. Some problems aren't worth botheri ng with. But the book deadline? It might not be a good idea to try with that sman lives in Birmingham. a week to visit clients in Zurich, Amsterdam and ster. How can he achieve Who knows, maybe someone will buy the book and it will be a succe Donald R US Depar briefing i Solution 2: Plan ahead Before you can write a decent chapter, you need to marshal you r idea deas This involves a lot of reading and research. These ideas need to b lata does he need? sifted - some ideas turn out to be interesting, others, on reflection, look es he make a decision? a right or even a best less good. Organise them, write them down or, better, use a computer to record them. Decide what's important and what is not. This is how we solve computational problems too A-Level CompSci teaching true problem solving

A-Level CompSci teaching true problem solving