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Bad, Bad Day, and Confused: forgive yourself for loving the wrong person One day when you really love this will make sense, nothing else matters, not your bad day at work, not the government trying to enslave us, not the night or the day, just this moment as we lay, holding each other closely like those at the end trying to hold on to life, no need for titles, lover, soul mates, life. I experienced reality through you, forehead to 3rd eye, to superconscious convection. I am safe here, nothing can go wrong, you are protection. I am not scared of anything because we are everything. It is my heart that you own now, be gentle as I only have one, open emotional surgery, now you have the power to murder me, with this power comes great responsibility, do you love me or is this a fallacy? I'm only young not sure I deserve to die, but I was dead before & you brought me life, The last one tore me up with bullsh*t lies, I just want you more & no more strife, What are you thinking, Staring deep in my soul, Not moving not blinking, Together we grow old... If I could capture this moment literally stopping time, I would die here happily, because you are next to me. We crossed paths & walked together for a while. I never want to stop, my soul is in your smile, I never cared for a destination unless it was this moment, where my heart stayed open, where you swim in the ocean of emotions & never come up for air, you can share mine. Your happiness is the plasma that my life blood begins in, and your laughter is my serotonin, you are my mind & my thoughts deep within me, you stimulate growth as you stroke my face, playing with my hair. I try to dive deep into your heart but you don't think you are ready. It's ok have me, keep me, I don't want anything else, I'm confused as to a better purpose for my existence in time & space. Not everyone has the same heart, you got me, but don't think just because you give you shall receive, Yet one day you will live though somebody, If you let them in then please believe... Make sure you know them, before you open the source of your life to others. It's not sex it's deeper than lovers. Just be full of care because as you have my heart, someone, one day will hold yours or tear it apart... chakabars