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Moms, Too Much, and True: snorlaxatives who would win in a fight: an army of lush employees vs an army of bath and body works employees??? discuss mattandjones lush employees, who are more adept at guerrilla warfare and fabian tactics. bath and body works employees rely too much on pitched battle and are not equipped well enough for prolonged conflict ceb3rus I disagree with some of that, I feel as though the Bath and Body Works employees are pretty well trained in the art of handling an all out attack. Their defenses are high and well coordinated. Remember, they deal with white moms on the daily, whereas I feel that Lush employees are more used to dealing with a younger generation of customers.l feel as though they'd be equally matched but in the end I feel with the advancement in technology that Lush possesses over Bath and Body Works in terms of sheer amount that they sell, ultimately Lush wins, but not without heavy casualties dreamnectar All true, but everyone is forgetting Bath and Body Works employees have extreme training dealing with the hell on Earth that is Semi Annual Sale Have you ever seen someone come between a white woman in her 40s and Vanilla Bean Noel at 75% off? Bath and Body Works employees have and still live to tell their stories alwaysasideways8 l think terrain is an important consideration? Lush employees are better at straight melee since they're used to fighting in close quarters, whereas B&BW employees have more experience in moving through wider terrain and using ranged attacks greenekangaroo this is the kind of discourse I want on my dash Source: snorlaxatives 1,590 points • 216 comments - Lush employees vs Bath and Body Works employees - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on
Anime, Books, and Christmas: Dream Daddies, ranked NOEL ake up Christmas morning and throw tr Fun fact: Dream Daddy dethroned Overwatch as the No. 1 video game on Tumblr for three weeks fronm July 24 to August 7. Overwatch had previously been No. 1 for 38 consecutive weeks Why rocks at trains? FX Dadsona NOEL Anon 1. Damien Robert would run a pastel grunge blog and no one can tell me otherwise Bloodmarch rocks at tr FX 2. Robert Small 3. Craig Cahn 4. Joseph Christiansen 5. Hugo Vega 6. Brian Harding 7. Mat Sela dreamdaddydaydreams Follow How much I love each dad out of 10: Joseph: 10/10 Craig: 10/10 Robert: 10/10 Brian: 10/10 Damien: 10/10 Mat: 10/10 10/10 Craig cahn nien bloodmarch arobert 190 notes ost Edited 1. horroredit 6. marveledit 11. gotedit 16.disneyedit 2. tgpedit 7. twedit 12.hpedit 17.itedit 3. strangerthingsedit 8. b99edit 13.dcedit 18.mcuedit 4. swedit 9. spidermanedit 14.smhedit 19.shadowhuntersedit 5. perioddramaedit 10. bnhaedit 15.spnedit 20.tonystarkedit Books Harry Potter Percy Jackson The Raven Cycle A Court of Thorns and Six of Crows Tower of Dawn Captive Prince Pride and Prejudice Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Warriors Throne of Glass -Good Omens oses The Mortal Instruments All for the Game The Foxhole Court http://alex-aki-art.tumb.com DEET Most Spoiler Tagged10.itspoiers 1. tw spoilers 2. ml spoilers 3. b99 spoilers 4. bnha spoilers 5. rick and morty spoilers 6. batim spoilers 7. ouat spoilers 8. spn spoilers 9. taz spoilers 11.outlander spoilers 12.ks spoilers 13.critical role spoilers 14.overwatch spoilers https://deetzdraws.tumblr.com/ Of the top 166 ships of the week... IRL Ships by Origin Ships by Pairing Type kpop celebrities m/m m/f f/f athletes music 7% 13% 790 11% 54% 30% 57% 21% Ships by Origin anime IRL movies video games books web stuff comics 3 4% 7% 40% 9% 17% 17% <p>Thank you to everyone who came out to our NYCC <a href="https://thefandometrics.tumblr.com/post/166078474999/you-are-cordially-invited-to-in-depth-with-tumblr"><b>In Depth with Tumblr Fandometrics</b></a> panel last night. We loved your cosplays, your questions, even your heckling. </p><p>Sticking to our promise, here are the highlights for those who missed an entire hour of non-stop fandom numbers. We looked at data from last week (9/25/2017—10/1/2017) to talk about the top Dream Daddies, the fandoms with the most edits, the top 166 (one hundred! sixty! six!) ships, and, of course, Tumblr’s favorite books.<br/></p><p>Here at Fandometrics, <i>fandom</i> is our fandom. From Zootopia to Wayhaught, Tyler Oakley to Overwatch: we see you. We’re so happy when we get to celebrate with you.<br/></p>

Thank you to everyone who came out to our NYCC In Depth with Tumblr Fandometrics panel last night. We loved your cosplays, your questions, e...