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American Food: hiziram ahr42p memecucker what if i told you that a lot of "Americanized" versions of foods were actually the product of immigrant experiences and are not "bastardized versions" ace-and-ranty That's actually fascinating, does anyone have any examples? memecucker Chinese-American food is a really good example of this and this article provides a good intro to the history http://firstwefeast.com/eat/2015/03/illustrated-history-of- americanized-chinese-food voxiferous l took an entire class about Italian American immigrant cuisine and how it's a product of their unique immigrant experience The TL;DR is that many Italian immigrants came from the south (the poor) part of ltaly, and were used to a mostly vegetable-based diet. However, when they came to the US they found foods that rich northern Italians were depicted as eating, such as sugar, coffee, wine, and meat, available for prices they could afford for the very first time. This is why Italian Americans were the first to combine meatballs with pasta, and why a lot of Italian American food is sugary and/or fattening. Italian American cuisine is a celebration of Italian immigrants' newfound access to foods they hadn't been able to access back home. (Source: Cinotto, Simone. The Italian American Table: Food, Family, and Community in New York City. Chicago: U of llinois, 2013. Print.) emphasisonthehomo Stuff you Missed in History Class has a really good podcast overview of "Foreign Food" in the US. s rudeham Really good documentary about this called The Search for General Iso Source: memecucker 126,411 notes American Food

American Food