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Asian, Dragonball, and Fucking: Rahul Kohli @RahulKohli13 Following Scarlett Johansson IMDb@IMDb Who would play you in the movie about your life? Rahul Kohli o Following @RahulKohli13 I did it for "likes" actually Kira Figs @KiraFigs You're an actor too. God forbid you choose a role that people don't agree with and become the target for unwanted jokes. Great way to perpetuate the bullying and harassment of a fellow actress just for retweetstwitter.com/RahulKohli13/s... Rahul Kohli @RahulKohli13 Following I kicked the hornet's nest. I'm so sorry to any of her fans I offended with that joke I made. I'm actually a big fan and I wish her all the best #Scarlett4Mulan Victoria Loves Scarlett and Kimberly @AlianovnaArmy Replying to @RahulKohli 13 Oh for fuck sake, Are y'all seriously keep bringing that back? She did not played an asian! She played A FUCKING ROBOT! A Robot has no nationality, do you know what means, Major could have been played by anyone, do you understand? omg Rahul Kohli @RahulKohli13 Following May I answer this one? Because I'm Asian. Shani dead after A4 trailer @Natasha_Rogers Why would she choose to play a nobody? Who is this? twitter.com/rahulkohli13/s... Rahul Kohli @RahulKohli13 Following Okay that's enough twitter for me tonight. I get anxious when I tweet a joke and people get upset. Imma get back to my script INT. THE KOHLI HOUSE DAY Rahul Kohli's parents sit in the living room, Rama (Emma Stone) and Satish (Tilda Swinton) watch Dragonball Evolution. rocktheholygrail: OOOOOOOOOOOOOH
Energy, Family, and Friends: THE WORLD WARRIORS THE WORLD WARRIORS Date of Birth: 7-21-1964 Height: Weight: Blood Type: Nationality: 5'10" 150 lbs Dragon Punch Ryu can call forth the power of the Dragon Using the ancient word, "SHO-RYU-KEN" and channel it through his uppercut. As he leaps into the air, Ryu and the power of his Dragon Punch are unmatched. in one Japanese A student of Shotokan school of karate, Ryu has developed into a pure warrior. He has devoted his entire life to the per fection of his fighting skills and has forsaken everything else in his life. Ryu has no home, no friends and no family Instead, he wanders the globe seeking to test his skills agains other fighters. Make sure you press the punch button as you reach the end of the D-Button motion. Using the control pad, press continuous motion and press any punch button. Hurricane Kick As he spins into the air, Ryu can summon the power of a Using the hurricane's strength to lift and accelerate his spin Ryu can now even execute the hurricane kick while in mid- air. hurricane by saying TATSU-MAKI-SEN-PU-KYAKU". Probably the strongest all around fighter, Ryu claim ite of grand champion after his narrow defeat of Sagch. Cool and calculating, Ryu is very seeking to maximize his abilities, Ryu has im ed the . Always atter his narrow defeat of Sa Using the control pad pressin one continuous patient in combat motion and press any kick button. Make sure you press the kick proved the l and uses it to pound his opponents into a corner buton as you reach the end of the D-Button motion. SPECIAL MOVES Fireball By summoning all of his will and channeling it through his hand To do the Hurricane Kick in mid-air, jump into the air and then quickly do the move as described above s, Ryu can create an energy wave or "HA-DO-KEN". This blue, glow ing ball of energy speeds towards any opponent and delivers quite an impact Using the control pad, press in one continuous motion and press any punch button. Make sure you press the punch bulton as you reach the end of the D-Button motion. 19 18 Gaming manuals should make a comeback. It was always fun flipping through them

Gaming manuals should make a comeback. It was always fun flipping through them

Beautiful, Confused, and Cute: Ca geekandmisandry: ptenterprises: sheisquiteacommonfairy: kaylapocalypse: alithographica: alithographica: igyid: alithographica: Liberty x Justice for all. Why did you make liberty black and justice Muslim ? So here’s a distilled explanation of Why Liberty Is Black and Why Justice Is Muslim for those who are confused by the rampant inaccuracies. I’ll spell it out. Artistic license I live in the US and the political landscape is a dumpster fire. This is a protest piece. Liberty and Justice are concepts based loosely on ancient gods from a multiracial civilization. They are also deeply American concepts, and one of the great American dreams is that we are a melting pot of equality* for all races and religions. *Terms and conditions may apply. With the political point I’m trying to make, those 3 things are more than enough to justify this depiction. (Not that it even needs justification; it’s my personal art.) Educational sidebar: A nonwhite Lady Liberty is actually well-founded: Consider that The Statue of Liberty was originally proposed by the president of the French Emancipation Society. Prior to designing the Statue of Liberty, the sculptor had wanted to build a similar piece on the Suez Canal based on an Egyptian peasant woman. This never came to fruition but became an early iteration of our American Lady Liberty. Also there’s a black Lady Liberty coin coming soon (and this coin was a major design element for Lady Liberty here). But honestly ‘accuracy’ is beside the point. For all of the questions I’ve gotten on this piece, 90% relate to the race/religion of Liberty and Justice. People are bothered by the perceived inaccuracies there and totally skip over the gay part. I imagine that Liberty and Justice kissing should, maybe, also be considered inaccurate because that’s actually where I took the biggest leap. I literally had no reason to do it except it’s that cute and gay and political. I personified the judicial system coming to protect the liberties of people legislatively marginalized for their race or religion…as two queer women. Yet somehow that is not the most inaccurate part to people. No, god forbid anyone depict two //personified concepts// as nonwhite to represent and recognize the vast marginalization of POC in this country, particularly black and Muslim communities. p.s. the fact that Libertas and Iusticia are both conceived as female by Greeks and Romans is also arbitrary maybe one or both of them are actually transwomen or genderqueer or agender because everything cultural that you hold dear is a construct have a good day Hi @ghostlune​ I can see from your blog that we just think of the world in two fundamentally different ways but I don’t think that’s reason to not have a little historical education 1. French is a nationality, not a race. You can, in fact, be black and French. What I suspect you meant is “the Statue of Liberty is a white woman”. 2. Please refer to the “Educational sidebar” section above where I discuss why a nonwhite Liberty is pretty in-line with both the French and American visions of her. It has citations and everything. It’s cool, I promise. GET 👏THEM 👏ALITHOGRAPHICA👏 This is so beautiful and amazing. Given everything happening right now and what has been happening for pretty much time immemorial, having either Liberty or Justice be white would be not only inaccurate, but an insult to both. You’re made about her erasing the whiteness of “characters” that have never been able to be confirmed as white. How do you know what race the statue of liberty is? They are unpainted fucking statues, vague visual representatives of human ideals. If you think they default to white then all that says is that white is the default to you and everything else is viewed as being a deviation.