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Beer, Life, and Love: I don't know what he's doing, I just told him to FLOSS! Peter Griffin here, and boy oh boy is THIS ONE a doozy! ILOLed (that's an acronym the young people of today use, and it means "laugh out loud," in case you didn't know) out loud so hard I almost spat my beer out all over my computer and ruined it! Boy would THAT ever be un-epic! Without my computer, how would I ever be able to look at these hilarious maymays and explain them for all of you? Not to mention I'd no longer be able to watch the latest compilations of Ben Shapiro DESTROYing l*btards epically. Explaining me-mes and watching leftists get epically pwned are the only two things Ireally love in life anymore, and ifI were to lose both at the same time, I honestly don't know what I'd do. Probably be so overcome with grief at my life losing all meaning, that I'd be unable to continue living my now-pointless life and put a gun in my mouth. Wow, Ireally went off track there, didn't I? Anyway, this is so epically hilarious because it features a young person, probably no older than fifteen, at the dentist's office But here's the kicker: he's not in the dentist chair or anything! No, instead, he's up and about, swinging his arms around and moving his hips! In the foreground, we have a woman wearing a surgical mask, whom we can reasonably assume is the dentist. She observes the young man confusedly, and proclaims, "I don't know what he's doing, Ijust told him to FLOSS!" See, the dentist is presumably referring to the act of rubbing a thin string between one's teeth to remove excess plaque. That's the historical definition of the word floss," which has been commercially available since 1882. Our young friend, however, seems to have other ideas. See, more recently, "floss" has come to refer to a dance move in the popular online game, Fortnite. The dance is characterized by "a lot of fast arms and hip swings as though using a giant invisible piece of floss," which is where the name comes from. Additionally, the child is drawn to resemble one Russell Horning, popularly known as "Backpack Kid," who helped popularize the dance. With this information in mind, it can be inferred that the dentist is advising the boy to keep his teeth clean, by flossing, but since he's such a gamer, he instead believes that she is telling him to do the Fortnite dance. Now THAT is epic! I tried playing Fortnite myself, a few times, but couldn't really get into it. There's too many
Boner, Children, and Definitely: IDW Misrepresenter Follow @aiizavva PewDiePie collaborating with Ben Shapiro and giving him exposure to a massive audience of mostly young people is probably the worst thing he has done yet. THE BEN S PIRO oW , 1135 / 14:28 Okay, This Is Epic (Bonus Meme ft. Ben Shapiro) 479,261 views 162K SHARESAVE PewDiePie Published on 2 Now 2018 JOIN SUBSCRIBE 68M 10:54 PM-2 Nov 2018 599 Retweets 1,994 Likes 备 @ IDW Misrepresenter Follow @aiizavwa "It's just a meme, PewDiePie doesn't actually buy into this right-wing garbage." Uhhhm no... TWEETS FOLLOWING FOLLOWERS LIKES 179 510 9.76M 6,139 Likes pewdiepie @pewdiepie har gett upp 9 youtube.com/pewdiepie Paul Joseph Watson@PrisonPlanet 2h The regressive left has declared war on satire. PewDiePie: BAN ALL THE THINGS! The regressive left has declared war on fun. Facebook@ https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71 FOLLOW Joined May 2009 Tweet to pewdiepie Paul Joseph Watson https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet youtube.com 37 Followers you know 42 183 574 Stefan Molyneux @StefanMolyneux 11h 55 million subscribers? @Pewdiepie has more subscribers than South Korea, Spain, Canada, Sweden, etc. have citizens. Congratulations! 35178 871 pewdiepie @pewdiepie Following Replying to @StefanMolyneux LIKE 3 10:43 AM 13 May 2017 really not someone you should expose your millions of young followers to twitter.com/benshapiro/sta Ben Shapiro@benshapiro This Tweet from @benshapiro has been withheld in Germany, France based on local law(s). Learn more. n0ja: vore-me-mcdaddy: meat-clown: vore-me-mcdaddy: max-against-creeps: vore-me-mcdaddy: max-against-creeps: vore-me-mcdaddy: max-against-creeps: vore-me-mcdaddy: …Can you guys just watch the vid first? Why would i want to watch his vids? Everything he’s done past like 2013 fuckin sucks anyway Because this whole thing is being blown put of proportion (i mean i saw this coming because people cant help but find something wrong with felix but) All ben does is reviews memes about him at the end of the vid (like theres nothing political that would even have kids being “persuade”) speaking of which people need to stop with the whole “the ”‘kids’“ who watch pewdiepie are stupid and we need to babysit them or else theyll do something stupid ” Ah yes because children definitely aren’t even slightly easy to influence whatsoever Of course kids can be influenced but what im saying is that we need to give “‘kids’”(note the quotations on both this post and my last one) more credit Them seeing ben Shapiro critic memes isnt suddenly gonna make them a trump supporter Ok but im not saying “kids” im saying kids as in the literal children that make up part of his fanbase The not actually 9 year olds that he likes to joke are 9 year old viewers? its a GOOD thing that hes introducing children to conservative speakers. they need to know the truth before the left pulls them into their indoctrination. my only issue with it is that he didnt get an ancap speaker instead. He introduced them to a meme and the person the meme is about Nothing more nothing less NOTHING IN THE VID WAS POLITICAL Pewdiepie and his fanbase has been making jokes and memes about different personels appearing and host his videos from time to time and it’s not the first time Pewds surprised them with having the person they joked about to appear at the end. Same with the twitch streamer girl whom appeared at the end card one time. It was a funny thing to do and nothing about convincing or trick any political movement at all. Even if you don’t enjoy his videos, you can’t just assume things without real facts or without watching it/them.And the majority of his fans aren’t even kids anymore, but people whom mostly grew up with him and pre/teens.  For fucks sake it wasn’t even the tiniest bit political I don’t know why the mainstream media has such a fucking hate boner for Felix good golly.
Being Alone, College, and Computers: Philadelphia NEWS . RESTAURANTS HEALTH- WE G SITI[+ REAL ESIATE & HEUE· 1HINGS 10 De- 酉EDDING- BEST 0F PEILLY MAGAZINE Q Besides, the impetus seemed righteous. In a world torn asunder by the Great Depression, the Holocaust, and two World Wars, our citizenry needed to come together, be united, rally behind a collective vision of what it meant to be an American: You lived in a single-family house. you drove a station wagon, you wore bowling shirts and blue jeans, and you slathered mayonnaise on everything from BLTs to burgers to pastrami on rye. How do you think "Hold the mayo" became a saying? There was aluays mayo, and if you were some kind of deviant who didn't want it, you had to say so out loud MY SON İAKE, who's 25, eats mayo. He's a practical young man who works in computers and adores macaroni salad. He's a good son. I also have a daughter. She was a women's and gender studies major in college. Naturally, she loathes mayonnaise. And she's not alone. Ask the young people you know their opinion of mayo, and you'll be shocked by the depths of their emotion. Oh, there's the occasional outlier, like Jake. But for the most part, today's youth would sooner get their news from an actual paper newspaper than ingest mayonnaise The origins of this contentious condiment are hotly debated. Is its name derived from the city of Mahon on the Balearic Island of Menorca, where the Duc de Richelieu's chef, unable to find cream for a sauce to celebrate his lordship's successful siege during the Seven Years War, substituted an emulsion of eggs and ol? Or is it a bastardization of Bayonnaise, fronm polyglotplatypus: please listen to this poor man losing his shit as he reads an article blaming millenials for killing the mayonnaise industry that was written by a babyboomer upset people don’t want to eat her bland salads anymore
Abc, News, and Parents: DAILY NATION I Wednesday August 10, 2016 ON Video games sharpen, social media dumbs Teenagers who play video games are more likely to get better grades at school, a study told News Limited yesterday has found. average in science," study co- author Albert Posso from RMIT to understand some of the principles of chemistry; evern so, they really have to under- stand science," Mr Posso told the ABC. "Some psychologists have argued that massive online player games can be beneficial to cognitive development: Teachers should consider incorporating "When you play online However, the research also games you're solving puzzles to move to the next level and ed social media every day that involves using some of the were receiving grades 20 points general knowledge and skills in below the average in maths than maths, reading and science that you've been taught during the tablished that students who popular video games into teaching so long as they are not violent Mr Posso said the link be tween excessive social media use and poor academic results could be attributed to "oppor- tunity cost" in terms of study time. ones ose who did not. The study, released by the day" said Mr Posso. "Teachers Albert Posso, study Royal Melbourne Institute of should consider incorporat co-author Technology (RMIT), says that students who play online games daily perform, especially well in maths, science and reading ing popular video games into teaching so long as they are not violent ones." Programme for International that online gamin analyse the online habits of lem-solving skills. then compared to academic re- sults. He said the data revealed g could help "You're not really going to solve problems using (social media)," Mr Posso said Mr Posso used data from the tudents who play online games almost every day score 15 points above the average in maths and 17 points above the Australian 15-year-olds, which he "Sometimes (players) have Student Assessment (Pisa) to young people to develop prob- The research was published in the International Journal of Communication. (Xinhua) Record Pogback'> When coach shunned him, he left and shone Take this to your parents.

Take this to your parents.

Advice, Bad, and Chill: please use protection when doing the do, maybe also don't have sex with murderers ao3tagoftheday: nyocanada15: ao3tagoftheday: infinty-forest: ao3tagoftheday: [Image Description: Tags reading “please use protection when doing the do, maybe also don’t have sex with murderers”] The AO3 Tag of the Day is: “Don’t have sex with murderers” is an important safe sex tip #mod ej#death#violence#wear condoms for fucks sake#and don’t have sex with murderers#I mean#if you insist on having sex with murderers#please wear a condom while doing so#or get the murderer to wear a condom#whichever is applicable#although fuck that internal condoms are a thing#and you personally are responsible for your sexual health#but even if condoms are involved#fucking murderers is still a bad idea#don’t do it#this has been an absurdist episode of#mod ej gives advice#submissionOP’s tags are always a gift. I just realized I left out a really important piece of information:Some murderers will try to persuade you to have sex with them. They may do this by murdering people while shirtless and listening to classical music. They may also describe the feeling of murdering someone in suspiciously sensual terms. Some murderers may tell you they are tortured by their inner demons and that only your love can keep them from continuing their bloody rampage. Do not be fooled! Do not have sex with them, even if they smile in a predatory yet irresistibly attractive way! You have a right to assert yourself in defense of your own sexual health! What the fuck MOD EJ Friend. What kind of blog do you think you’re following, my dude? Why the fuck would you think I’m sane, bro? I started an argument about corpses having casual sex. I looked up scientific articles about bat cunnilingus. I just finished making a shirt that says “Turtles Don’t Fuck.” I have no chill, buddy. I am not even in the vicinity of fucking around. When given the opportunity to be ridiculous, I don’t just take it, I grab it with both hands, shove it in my mouth, suck it till it comes down my throat, swallow, and then shit this bizarre fucking content right onto my keyboard and slam that motherfucking post button!So nyocanada15, my friend, my buddy. I don’t understand. Please explain this to me. Why is this gentle reminder to young people who might be manipulated into unsafe sexual behavior by murderers who can “see the darkness within them” or some shit like that—why is this your breaking point? Why is it only now that you stop and say “what the fuck mod ej”? Haven’t I earned that already!?