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Ass, Beliebers, and Charlie: Kari Bowling Tumblr Boring The internet must hate us XD Like Comment Unfollow Post Share 2 hours ago 2 people like this Kennedy Brook Williams Imao i had mine for like 15 minutes and i just deleted it,! about an hour ago Like 1 Amber Renee Burchett shut the hell up. tumblr is life 2 minutes ago Like Kari Bowling no, I made one and 5 minutes later i deleted it xDD about a minute ago Like Amber Renee Burchett do not speak of tumblr in any of this sort about a minute ago Like Kari Bowling Im sorry? a few seconds ago Like Amber Renee Burchett ill post this on there and they'll find a few seconds ago Like Write a comment We found you potterheads, grab your wands whovians, hop in your TARDISes supernatural fans, get the shotguns sherlockians, hire your consulting criminals tributes, knock an arrow avengers fans, assemble lotr fans, unsheath Sting weve got a few peopie to track down Les Mis fans, build a barricade? Yes? Gleeks, grab your slushies Rizzies fans, grab your guns and scalpels Wizards and witches, time to kick muggle ass. NCIS fans, grab your gear. Castle fans, alakazam that jackass The Last Airbender fans master your bending Assassin's Creed fans, ready your hidden blades Falling In Reverse fans, get Charlie BVB Army, get on your warpaint Slash gash Terror Crew, grab your chainsaws VE! Coven, show your fangs Directioners, get the fucking glitter beliebers.get the supras. Of Mice and Men fans, get squidgy Motionless In White fans, get Oficer Peppercom and some PCP Pierce The Vell fans, get the Sheepcat Sleeping With Sirens fans, get Sam Link Naruto fans, grab your kunal Bleach fans, ready your zampakuto Homestucks get your Strife Specibus kinkshamer69: a lot of people have a lot of different opinions as to what the worst post on tumblr is but this is objectively it
Andrew Bogut, Bruh, and Dad: Comments Di Comments Dor Dustin Rackley Boy look like he could drink peanutbutter. 16h Like Rely08.4K Nicole McFarlin Better luck necks time.e 3h Like Reply Javier Simmons Replied. 298 Replies sis Baldwin Why are all the comments so neckative Denzel Danzey If he hiccup to hard he'll swallow his 17h Like Reply12.5K whole head Leyla Guevara Replied 170 Replies 16h Like Reply 0 9.6K Glenda Hardy Replied 295 Replies Britney Johnson Wonder when his Necks court date Daulton Ryan Zane I'd rob too if it cost me 65$ to get rid of a sore throat.. 18h Like Reply 19h Like Reply 003.9K Glenda Hardy Replied , 36 Replies #0037 Mia Ortiz Replied 110 Replies Rachelle Mimi Aguilar Why tf does he look like one of the germs off that mucinecks commercial? 19h Like Reply Tasha BlackberryWatson 905 These jokes aren't funny this is NECKPHEW 15h Like Reply someone's brother, uncle,dad orNatasha Granneman Replied.1 011.4K Wil Johnson Tracy Williams Morrison Rep... 331 Rer I think i know him. He's from my neck Sheriff's Office of the woods 0014.2K Ebony Desiree The neck bone connected to the earG 18h Like Reply 39.3K Com Glenda Hardy Replied 176 Replies bone Comment e a comment.. e a comment... Why they roast this man to oblivion bruh? But for real tho. This man swallowed a lunch plate, AINT no way he don’t got asthma. If he cough it’s a level 30 hurricane. He can blow your house down. He blow soup and it splash everywhere. He got a whole tunnel and toll booth for a throat. His momma titties probably swollen like a bowling ball. He can never wear turtle necks. He get cold in the winter. His shirts cry when he put them on. How he suppose to wear a tie to a interview? That’s what’s wrong with the system. They set this man up to fail. He got fourth grade table graffiti on his neck bro. My MyPlayer don’t even got those tarts smh. He can eat for the both of us. If he eat your groceries you done For the month.
Being Alone, College, and Computers: Philadelphia NEWS . RESTAURANTS HEALTH- WE G SITI[+ REAL ESIATE & HEUE· 1HINGS 10 De- 酉EDDING- BEST 0F PEILLY MAGAZINE Q Besides, the impetus seemed righteous. In a world torn asunder by the Great Depression, the Holocaust, and two World Wars, our citizenry needed to come together, be united, rally behind a collective vision of what it meant to be an American: You lived in a single-family house. you drove a station wagon, you wore bowling shirts and blue jeans, and you slathered mayonnaise on everything from BLTs to burgers to pastrami on rye. How do you think "Hold the mayo" became a saying? There was aluays mayo, and if you were some kind of deviant who didn't want it, you had to say so out loud MY SON İAKE, who's 25, eats mayo. He's a practical young man who works in computers and adores macaroni salad. He's a good son. I also have a daughter. She was a women's and gender studies major in college. Naturally, she loathes mayonnaise. And she's not alone. Ask the young people you know their opinion of mayo, and you'll be shocked by the depths of their emotion. Oh, there's the occasional outlier, like Jake. But for the most part, today's youth would sooner get their news from an actual paper newspaper than ingest mayonnaise The origins of this contentious condiment are hotly debated. Is its name derived from the city of Mahon on the Balearic Island of Menorca, where the Duc de Richelieu's chef, unable to find cream for a sauce to celebrate his lordship's successful siege during the Seven Years War, substituted an emulsion of eggs and ol? Or is it a bastardization of Bayonnaise, fronm polyglotplatypus: please listen to this poor man losing his shit as he reads an article blaming millenials for killing the mayonnaise industry that was written by a babyboomer upset people don’t want to eat her bland salads anymore
Family, Nintendo, and Tumblr: bearorist: to-heck: daydreamradio: My family is no longer allowed to play Wii bowling. Nintendo boys make do I hate this website

bearorist: to-heck: daydreamradio: My family is no longer allowed to play Wii bowling. Nintendo boys make do I hate this website