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Pop, Braces, and Library: PROGRAMMING C THE LANGUAGE INDEX 269 pointer initialization 102, 138 102, 198 pointer, nul ptrdiff t type name 103, 147, 206 push function 77 pushback, input 78 putc library function 161, 247 putc macro 176 putchar library function 15. 152, 161, 247 puts library function 164, 247 inter subtraction 103, 138, 198 pointer to function 118, 147, 201 pointer to structure 136 pointer, void 93, 103, 120, 199 pointer vs. array 97, 99-100, 104, 113 pointer-integer conversion 198-199, 205 pointers and subscripts 97, 99, 217 pointers, array of 107 pointers, operations permitted on 103 Polish notation 74 pop function 77 portability 3, 37, 43, 49, 147, 151, 153, 185 position of braces 10 postfix ++and46, 105 pow library function 24, 251 power function 25, 27 #pragma 233 precedence of operators 17, 52, 95, 131-132, qsort function 87, 110, 120 qsort library function 253 qualifier, type 208, 211 quicksort 87, 110 quote character, 19, 37-38, 193 quote character, "8, 20, 38, 194 r carriage return character 38, 193 raise library function 255 rand function 46 rand library function 252 RAND MAX 252 read system call 170 readdir function 184 readlines function 109 realloc library function 252 recursion 86, 139, 141, 182, 202, 269 199 prefix ++ and-46, 106 preprocessor, macro 88, 228-233 preprocessor name,--FILE-254 preprocessor name,LINE. 254 preprocessor names, predefined 233 preprocessor operator, # 90,230 preprocessor operator. ## 90.230 ursive-descent parser 123 To understand recursion, you must first understand recursion.

To understand recursion, you must first understand recursion.

Barbie, Complex, and Empire: silverbellsolicitor It kind of really corfuses me when Barbie commercials have little girls dressing them up and brushing their hair Like no Barbie is not about fashion. Barbie is about collecting as many dolls as you can get your grubby 7 year old hands on and dominating the living room with your expansive empire of plastic women. Barbie is about creating intricate social structures and spicy inter-family conflicts between town house residents. Barbie is about formulating complex back stories for tortured Ken dolls with emotional scars. It's about creating near-sadistic dramatic plot twists that split up marriages and cause that one Barble you really dislike to be ceremoniously tossed down the stairs in order to be offed by the jealous ex-wife of Ken #4. kerryrenaissance Yes, but how do you make it into a marketable commercial that won't frealk parents and caregivers out? quasi-normalcy I've always had the impression that advertisers don't really understand how girls play with their toys. mappysnappy When I played with Barbies I had this thing called The Dead Pit" which was a purple bratz laundry hamper. So whenever a Barbie got killed off she would go in there. And what I would do was I would carry her to the dead pit while singing the dead pit song. The dead pit song was just saying The dead pit over and over again in different tones. Anyway, once I finally reached the pitl would announce (name) has died. And drop her in. I would wait a few moments. Then, I would violently shake the hamper while shrieking, pretending to be the tortured souls of dead barbies from the underworld. I thought it was hilarious Source: duplexity 126,102 notes Barbie pit

Barbie pit

Amazon, Anaconda, and CoCo: Hend Amry @LibyaLiberty Follow I will pay more for a chocolate bar if it means less slavery how is this a serious warning. Mike S. Omer-Man@MikeOmerMan Nestle says slavery reporting requirements could cost customers srmi.exiiauafoliiicxi/icxlkir... 12:21 AM-5 Sep 2018 2,117 Retweets 8.247 Likes bet @③ scootsenshi: weeelllp: rsbenedict: kaijutegu: roachpatrol: I WOULD PAY TEN TIMES AS MUCH FOR CHOCOLATE IF IT MEANT REDUCING THE AMOUNT OF SLAVES IN THE WORLD? HOW IS THIS ANY KIND OF PROBLEM.  good news, you can! the company’s called Tony’s Chocolonely and their entire purpose is to make slave-free chocolate and reform the chocolate industry. https://tonyschocolonely.com/us/en https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony%27s_Chocolonely Whole Foods carries it. If you don’t want to support an Amazon-owned company, World Market carries it. You can also buy it directly from the company.  It’s the best chocolate I’ve ever had and it’s 100% slave free. Tony’s Chocolonely works really hard to push for transparency within the chocolate industry and actually has and is following an action plan to eliminate slavery within cocoa production. They’re good people who make good chocolate. A list of slavery-free chocolate companies: Aldi Aloha Feels Chocolate Alma Chocolate Alter Eco Chocolate Amano Chocolate Askinoise Chocolate The Beach Chocolate Factory Belicious Black Mountain Chocolate Cacaoteca Caribeans Chocolate Castronovo Chocolate Charm School Chocolates Chocolate Cartel Chocolat Celeste Chocolate Tree Chocolate Troubadour Choconat Coco Chocolate Compartes Chocolates Dandelion Chocolate Dark Forest Chocolate Denman Island Chocolate Divine Chocolate Co. Eating Evolved Eat Your Hat El Ceibo The Endangered Species Equal Exchange Fairafric Forever Cocoa Fresco Chocolate Fruition Chocolate Gayleen’s Decadence GEPA Chocolate Giddy Yo Yo Grenada Chocolate Company Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate Guittard Habitual Chocolate Hagensborg Chocolates Health by Chocolate Hilo Shark Chocolate HNINA Gourmet Honest Artisan Chocolate Hooray  Tuffles Ithaca Fine Chocolates L.A. Burdick Chocolates La Iguana Chocolate Lake Champlain Chocolates La Siembra Cooperative Lillie Belle Farms Madecasse Malagasy Maverick Chocolate Company Max Havelaar Mayan Monkey Mayordomo Mia Chocolate Montezuma’s Chocolates Nayah Amazon Chocolates Newman’s Own Organics Purdy’s Chocolate Omanahene Cocoa Bean Company Ombar OpuLux Fair Trade Chocolate Original Hawaiian Chocolate Parliament Chocolate Montevérgine Patric Chocolate Plamil Organic Chocolate Potomac Chocolate Pure Lovin’ Chocolate Rain Republic Rapunzel Pure Organics Ritual Chocolate Samaritan Xocolata Sappho Chocolates Seed Bean Chocolate Shaman Chocolates Sibú Chocolate Solkiki Chocolate Sweet Earth Chocolates Sweet Impact Fudge Sweet Riot Sun Eaters Organics Taza Chocolate Terra Nostra Organic Terroir Chocolate TCHO The Chocolate Wave Theo Chocolate The Original Chocolate Bar (Houston, TX) Tobago Estate Chocolate TONY’S CHOCOLONELY Vivani Chocolate Vosges Wei of Chocolate Xocolatl Chocolate Zotter Crazy how the main three chocolate companies in the US are all terrible Makes sense

scootsenshi: weeelllp: rsbenedict: kaijutegu: roachpatrol: I WOULD PAY TEN TIMES AS MUCH FOR CHOCOLATE IF IT MEANT REDUCING THE AMOUNT O...