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Bless Up, Memes, and Pitbull: i love pitbulls @DrSmash love Ladies if u live with a man and y'all ain't married, watch how he make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Very important. If he use two knives, one for the peanut butter and one for the jelly, most likely he hygienic. Disciplined. Cleanly. U feel me? He play by the rules. On the other hand if he just slather the peanut butter on the bread and then jam that same knife with peanut butter all over it in the jelly? Veto that motherfvcker. That's a man who lacks a fundamental understanding on how to respect ingredients. In fact he disrespected the entire fridge. The entire kitchen. Indeed - the entire house. Like what if your sister bring your lil poopy-face nephew Timmy to the crib and he all "make me toast with jelly, auntie!" And u toast some bread and slather jelly on it now Timmy in the corner choking and asphyxiating and your sister stabbing multiple Epi pens in his thigh to save Timmy's life and u just like "IDK WTF HAPPENED?!" And your sister just like "did someone mix peanut butter in the jelly????" And u just like "wow my boyfriend Steven is a mixer, what a dickhead, he killed my nephew Timmy." U feel me? Life or death. Men like Steven are also just reckless and disrespectful. Like I be meeting girls and we get to talking and they all like "the only thing I won't do is anal" and I'm like "ok I feel that I don't like people putting things in my rear end too, but why" and usually the girl like "well the only experience I had is a guy who jammed it in without asking and without lube and I'm still scarred". What type of asshole would do this? Steven (no offense to men named Steven, I just had to pick a name lol.) In any event, ladies: sandwich test. U feel me? Watch the technique. Your nephew's life and the safety and sanctity of your rectum depend on it ... bless up 😍😂😂😂