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Family, Hungry, and Ironic: 00O AT&T 4:25 PM mobile.twitter.com Share Tweet Sign up Log in Andrew Tate @Cobratate Depression isn't real. You feel sad, you move on. You will always be depressed if your life is depressing. Change it. Thread 8:22 AM Sep 7, 2017 2,179 Retweets 5,826 Likes Andrew Tate@Cobratate Sep7V Replying to @Cobratate There are very few fat lonely man, aged 60. With no money or family or hobbys. Who arnt depressed. - this is not a clinical disease 5,985 People talking mobile.twitter.com SHARE wee Sign up Log in Andrew Tate @Cobratate , Sep 7 It is a circumstance which they must change. Most "depressed" people are unhappy with their lives, too lazy to change it. That simple. 735 t349 1.3K Andrew Tate @Cobratate , Sep 7 Then they pretend they caught some disease to absolve all responsibility. ITS NOT MY FAULT IM SAD. Yes it is, 262 202 875 Andrew Tate@Cobratate Sep7V People will do anything to absolve responsibilities. ITS NOT MY FAULT IM POOR/SAD/FAT/STUPID. Yes it is 603 264 865 Andrew Tate@Cobratate Sep7V So people defend depression. They get angry when I say this. Because they need this bullshit to justify their own failures. 319 0174 769 Andrew Tate·@Cobratate , Sep 7 By admitting I'm right, they need to work mobile.twitter.com SHARE wee Sign up Log in Andrew Tate@Cobratate Sep 7 By admitting I'm right, they need to work hard to make themselves happy. To avoid the work -arque with me and pretend depression is a thing 175 t 98 483 Andrew Tate@Cobratate Sep7V Sure. Natural to sometimes FEEL depressed. It doesn't make it a DISEASE. I feel hungry sometimes, then I change it. 348 163 685 Andrew Tate@Cobratate Sep7V Modern think bullshit has made trillions giving anti depressant pills when all they need is a better diet, exercise and a life purpose 319 314 1.4K Andrew Tate @Cobratate , Sep 7 ﹀ How can you be too depressed to work when people in war zones arnt? With dead family all around them? 416128 615 Andrew Tate @cobratate , Sep 7 mobile.twitter.com SHARE wee Sign up Log in Andrew Tate@Cobratate Sep 7V It was refreshing to see @PrisonPlanet has been saying what l've been saying for years Depression as it's diagnosed doesn't exist. 316 t078 366 Andrew Tate. @Cobratate . Sep 7 Now come back and call me names and defend your safety crutch with all you have. Or accept fact and change your life. The choice is vours 265 8 423 Andrew Tate@Cobratate Sep7V Btw. I'm very very happy. Ironic when sad people try and tell content happy people how they should think 391 5 more replies Ricky Hatton MBE@Hitm... Sep 8 V Replying to @Cobratate Prick 217 03.3K 20.7K Andrew Tate @Cobratate Sep 8 V <p>Maximum YIKES™</p>