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America, Arguing, and Facts: z @ONLYAVGEL 1d girls who weren't scared to say they liked 1d in 2012 are braver than the marines 207 15.2K 54.9K C-Cups @cameronunion 8h This Is disgusting 4 01 49 z @ONLYAVGEL 8h grow up 2 ) 229 C-Cups @cameronunion 8h Grow up? You're insulting the people that help give you freedom. It's not about being grown, it's about respect. 73 z @ONLYAVGEL 7h it's a joke. just like this country and i don't need to respect anything or anyone 3 643 Toxic Kiwi @DesireeWolf182 2h The military is why you have freedom. If you cannot appreciate them then you do not deserve freedom 6 O 10 z @ONLYAVGEL 2h wrong. we have freedom because of one direction 4 062560 Toxic Kiwi @DesireeWolf182 2h That literally made no sense. Get over yourself and admit to being disrespectful to people who give their lives so we can live feely. 2 2 z @ONLYAVGEL 2h who gives us freedom? one direction 80% the military 20% 2,280 votes 21 hours 18 minutes left one direction O 80% the military 20% 2,280 votes 21 hours 17 minutes left 5 64 79 Toxic Kiwi @DesireeWolf182 2h Anyone who votes One Direction is a privileged scumbag like you. Spoiled kids make me wanna puke. t01 love, kylie @FEELINGBLOO Replying to @DesireeWolf182 and @ONLYAVGEL one direction literally fought for our right to be skinny in america Imao open a history book 2018-02-28, 10:54 PM Anyone who votes One Direction is a privileged scumbag like you. Spoiled kids make me wanna puke. ロ1 melanie @lilanemic. 2h There's literally pictures of Harry Styles fighting in World War ll you can't argue with facts. He's an American hero. z @ONLYAVGEL 2h thank u so much for bringing this up. it's a piece of history that many like to overlook 96 t13 198 198S
Dicks, Fire, and Memes: TBT - SSG Corey Calkins Ladies and gentlemen, gather round the campfire as we light up your field day celebrations with a celebration of our own. That’s right, it’s time to throw this thing back to February 2010. A simpler time, a time before David Petraeus locked his knees at a senate hearing, and back when you could still tinkle on dead Taliban. omgtakemebackkkk⠀ ⠀ Today we’re talking about every Marine from 6th Reggie’s favorite little town in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. marjahmarjahmarjah⠀ ⠀ What many of you may not know, however, is that them Gyrenes weren’t the only ones with their dicks in the dirt giving Terry the ol’ whatfor. Case in point, the subject of today’s OAF TBT; Staff Sgt Corey Calkins aka CashMoneyCorey⠀ ⠀ While serving as a weapons sergeant for ODA 3121, Cake Crushin’ Calkins was part of the coalition push through Marjah. On 18 February 2010, he led an assault of ANA troops against a platoon-sized element of Taliban fuckbois at a key intersection near the bazaar in Marjah. While under intense small arms, RPG, and mortar fire, Corey the Cockslapper charged the enemy position like a robust lesbian hopped up on Jack Daniels in a domestic dispute; inspiring his ANA troops to follow and overwhelm the Taliban position. TakeTheirShoes⠀ ⠀ After locking down the intersection and surrounding positions, Corey continued to fuck Terry six ways to Sunday by voluntarily continuing to drive the man-titty-havin’ soyboys out of smalls arms and RPG range so three critically wounded Marines could be evacuated. He aggressively pursued the enemy hotter than the homies in Tekashi 69’s cell block are pursuing his butthole. LemmeTugOnYoDickALilWhile⠀ ⠀ For his actions that day, SSG Calkins was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and earned himself a lifetime supply of bummed cigs, fat pinches of dip, and near-beers from every Marine in the Ghan. ThereGoesMyHero ⠀ ⠀
Android, Bad, and Barber: h Steph @steph93065 13h Replying to @Gillette For God's sake. I'm telling the 3 men in my house your product will NOT be my home ever again. All three are fine men, 2 are rough Marines that sacrifice so you can insult masculinity. You can fuck right off with that. 456 t0987 7488 Steph @steph93065 11h There is no such thing as toxic masculinity. Mark Dice @MarkDice 17h Replying to @Gillette Just sell some damn razors and keep your social justice stupidity out of it. Looks like it's @Dollar ShaveClub from now on Bawdy Barber @BawdyBarber 16h Replying to @Gillette Gillette is part of the anti-male SJW movement. Any men who are sick of this can come right on over to us at Bawdy Barber, where we understand how men work and don't try to change them into women Bawdy Barber 499 529 C 4,101 Piers Morgan@piersmorgan 13h I've used @Gillette razors my entire adult life but this absurd virtue-signalling PC guff may drive me away to a company less eager to fuel the current pathetic global assault on masculinity. Let boys be damn boys. Let men be damn men Gillette @Gillette "Boys will be boys"? Isn't it time we stopped excusing bad behavior? Re-think and take action by joining us at TheBestMenCanBe.org. #TheBestMenCanBe pic.twitter.com/hhBL1XjFVo 1,478 t1,684 7468 Andy Smith @chief1985 Replying to @piersmorgan and @Gillette It's going to be illegal to be male soon 19:20 14/01/2019 Twitter for Android 11 Retweets 268 Likes GrandmaShampoo Spectre of Communism 21 points 1 hour ago on the one hand, corporations aren't your friend on the other, this fear that using the wrong razor will now "change [men] into women" is pretty hilarious veiledengineer: capitalist-propaganda: gaiomon: “Teach your sons not to be assholes.” WHAT IS THIS SJW BULLSHIT anyway let me know when men are illegal Gillette: Hey, maybe call out bullshit when you see it, and raise your sons to respect other people as people. Also, don’t be a cat-calling creep deserving of getting called out. Morons: ANTI-MEN PROPAGANDA! THIS IS AN ATTACK ON MASCULINITY. 
Big Dick, Bitch, and Fire: TBT PFC Moses Cardenes | It was summer in Rawah Iraq, 2007 NSW and The Highlanders had teamed up to lay hate and discontent through their battle-space w- a small Marine DET next door who stayed getting fucked up at Blue Hackle compound on Camp Kassem. CallsignFatal Highlanders TrojanHorse HunterKiller TFHighlander A young, skinny PFC with BCGs on his face and fire in his heart named Moses Cardenas was a Scout on his first combat deployment. On Aug 2, 07, his platoon set up a snap VCP. (2) bongos eerily halted in the distance refusing to advance. Suddenly(5) muj fucks started laying HEAVY hate on the plt w- PKMs and RPGs immediately wounding Rodie trying to bound for cover. Unable to engage from his position, Cardenas slung his dick over his shoulder, clutched his SAW for dear-fucking-life, and sprinted into the danger zone. While pulling a marine that was easily TWICE his fucking bodyweight w-o gear and ammo, he took a round to the neck that instantly dropped him. Having not one bitchmade bone in his body, he got back up, chicken winged his SAW and laid hate on the trucks while simultaneously walking backwards and buddy dragging Rodie. He then got shot AGAIN and dropped to the ground. But Cardenas having no quit in his heart got back up and dragged Rodie to safety. As soon as he was clear of the LAVs line of fire, big dick Texan Drew Perry opened up on bongo trucks w- 25mm and turned those motherfuckers into scrambled eggs. Unfortunately the platoon lost Lcpl Christian Vasquez but be damned if he didn’t fight bravely that day. Moses Cardenas was given the Silver Star for his actions MOSES CARDENAS SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED A MEDAL OF HONOR FOR WHAT HE DID ON THIS DAY. But due to the officer elitist nature of the United States Marine Corps, Cardenas received no such recognition and had he been you can be sure some coffee-sipping, clean-cammie-having, paper-bitch of an officer would have done their best to hinder the process. Fortunately for the Marine Corps, he’s still leading Marines to this day and has somehow found sets of trousers that fit his massive fucking balls. All the respect in the world for this Marine, Highlander forever. OAF TBT OAFNation
Fire, Struggle, and Marines: US marines struggle to dig foxholes under enemy fire (Guadalcanal 1942)

US marines struggle to dig foxholes under enemy fire (Guadalcanal 1942)

America, Crime, and Donald Trump: Your a dumb fuck for agreeing with trump what about you ancestors left behind your not a real Mexican your a fucking joke bro! Trump is a racist fuck and doesn't know what the fuck he's doing, know your background 7:41 AM Actually, I am a highly intelligent individual who's able to make well thought out decisions based on actual facts and not emotions. Because Trump wants to kee the USASafe & secure from the corruption and crime of South America doesn't make him a racist. You are right, I am not a Mexican, and Message... GIF Actually, I am a highly intelligent individual who’s able to make well thought out decisions based on actual facts and not emotions. Because Trump wants to keep the USA 🇺🇸 Safe & secure from the corruption and crime of South America doesn’t make him a racist. You are right, I am not a Mexican, and neither are you. The real Mexicans aren’t fleeing Mexico, they are actually fighting for their country and protesting against the invaders just like the majority of Americans are. I find it funny that a low grade educated individual as yourself believe the garbage you spew. Donald Trump is a billionaire who owns more than 500 companies , has made immensely great wealth by hard work and excellent business deals . Now be a good Mexican and go join the real Mexicans in Mexico and fight for your own motherland like Americans are fighting for theirs. (The picture on the right is the Nationalist Mexicans who are protesting against the invaders from South America invading their country, an image you won’t see in the news) who are the real Mexicans???! I was born in Cuba, the country that gave me birth but I was adopted by the USA legally and I am now an American 🇺🇸 I am not a Cuban American, I am an American 🇺🇸 I have honorably served in the US Marines and earned the title Marine. I have signed the dotted line and made an oath to give my life in defense of our constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. The USA Is my motherland now.
Donald Trump, Memes, and Soldiers: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta President Donald Trump made remarks Thursday to commemorate attacks in Beirut 35 years ago that left 220 U.S. Marines, 18 sailors and 3 soldiers dead.

President Donald Trump made remarks Thursday to commemorate attacks in Beirut 35 years ago that left 220 U.S. Marines, 18 sailors and 3 sold...