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Fresh, Smell, and Target: Royal Society of Chemistry 6 tim-e For #NationalWatermelonDay spend some #Tme4Chem exploring the compounds that make up watermelon (and caused them to explode!) with Compound Interest bit.ly/2aveMv COLOUR & AROMA The pirk colouration of red wanermmelion flesh is due tothe presenc难ofhycoper. This compound is also responsible for the colour of somatoes, but it is found in even higher levels in watermelon The aroma of watermelon is contributed to by oxidation of fatty acids when the watermelon is cut The primary aroma-impact compounds are thought to be C, and C, aldehydes EXPLODING WATERMELONS The aldehyde (23,6-nonadienal is of particular significance, and is oten itself described as having a fresh, watermelon aie odor.따 3 heerw. anther aldehyde present, also contributes t0 the smell of fresh-cut grass НН In 2011, farmers in Eastern China were hit by a space of exploding watermelons This was a result of their treacment with forchlorfenuron,a plant growth regulanor an important role in plant growth, to promose cell division and growth. it was suggested that overuse of forchlarfenuron during wet weacher resulted in the ABOVE (3HEXENAL The Chemistry of Watermelons: Colour, Aroma, & Explosions Watermelons are a popular, refreshing summer fruit. There's also a lot of intriguing chemistry behind them, from the colour of their flesh and the complexity of their. COMPOUNDCHEM COM iP Du och 709 andra 15 kommentarer 296 delningar Alla 711 6791712 21 <p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="http://australianpikachu.tumblr.com/post/148412922627" target="_blank">australianpikachu</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p>why is someone angry about watermelons? what did they ever do to you?</p> </blockquote>

australianpikachu: why is someone angry about watermelons? what did they ever do to you?