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Alive, Anaconda, and Clock: - bridgetbridgetbridge 1010 points 6 months ago* (last edited 6 months ago) x3 Hi I have never commented on Reddit before. I made an account just to reply to you. At first after reading your comment, I went back to what I was doing (cleaning molasses I spilled all over the floor), but it was weighing on my heart so I decided to write back to you and clean later. I am a new mom to a baby boy (6 months, he is watching me type this with a sweet, tired expression in his blue eyes--nap time soon). If I ever god forbid had to die and leave this earth when he was still a boy, the last, last, last, last, last thing I would ever want is for him to beat himself up the way you are doing 1) As someone accurately commented, it was not your fault. No one told you the importance and you were a kid (I amm assuming re: scout meeting). So it was completely out of your control and the fact that you went home and made a get well card just shows where your heart was 2) Even if you DID do something selfish (as kids and even adults do when loved ones are sick), your mother absolutely 100 percent would never hold that against you or somehow think that tarnished your relationship. Your connection with her is so much more than the sum of an hour in a hospital room. It's a lifetime of love and devotion and an eternal bond that began while you were still in her womb. If I died and my son wasn't there, honestly I would be GLAD, I would never ever want him to have experience that especially as a little boy. I don't know much about dying clearly as I am alive, but I have several golden memories of son that I know for a fact will be running through my head in my last moments. They are too sweet and sacred to share here, but rest assured they would not be built upon a hurried conversation in a stressful, antisepitc hosptial room. You are beating yourself up for 'missing something which in all likelihood would not have been that pleasant or enjoyable for either one of you. In all reality you didn't 'miss' anything because there was nothing in that room to find that you don't already have---all the love, care, and connection she poured into you from the minute you were born, and all the memories you built over the years I promise you she would want you to celebrate that and to never, ever again feel badly for the uninformed decision you made as a child. Nothing matters more to me than my child's happiness and well-being and I would guess she had the same feelings--so in a way, beating yourself up about this is actually flying in the face of her wishes So please. Feel it for one more minute -watch the clock--then let it go <p>An AskReddit user talks about regretting ignoring his mom before she died, a brand-new redditor comes and makes him feel better. via /r/wholesomememes <a href="http://ift.tt/2oCV213">http://ift.tt/2oCV213</a></p>

An AskReddit user talks about regretting ignoring his mom before she died, a brand-new redditor comes and makes him feel better. via /r/whol...