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Confused, Head, and Jesus: Tyler Follow Really_Silent Kylie Jenner looks so much better without makeup to me idk why. Im prob just weird * Follow @hereforsmolder Nikki looks better without makeup, we can see her natural beauty. DI YCA FOX hre Jlive LAD DFOX WILDFOX YKE UP AYK RETWEET LIKES 4 dark skin king @sluttyblackboy Follow The fact that she probably isn't wearing any makeup and is still stunning.... Jesus Christ. This is a picture of Jenna Jameson before all the surgeries and without makeup. 11Wow. (SFW) submitted 3 years ago by owenstumor 1007 comments share pocket I was afraid you guys would t anything but, wears Stila Four Pan hinn was too is Bronze Set and Frieda Sheer Blonde Curvaceo HEAD OVER HEELS WITH Mick O'Hara 오. Follow Ken Doll GKenyeWest15 # . Follow mick_ohara aylor swift without makeup on #TaylorSwift Yo, Taylor Swift without makeup caught me by surprise. She's way prettier without it Wonderland. Wonderlain Pinit TAYLOR 55 PM-21 Nov 2014 shattered-angel456: periegesisvoid: socialnetworkhell: buzzfeed: Here Are Some People Who Are Very Confused About What “No Makeup” Looks Like Woman: wearing foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, highlight, false lashes, mascara, nude lipstick, brow powder eyeshadow Man: she doesn’t have red lipstick on so that means no makeup like 3 of them are wearing very visible winged eyeliner i’m screaming Literally goes to show men don’t actually give a shit or even notice the make up, men aren’t the ones asking for women to wear all this make up, it’s women choosing it to compete with other women. If all women everywhere stopped wearing it, men wouldn’t even care and would accept it as the new standard. 
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srsfunny:Evil Genius Needs Some Help