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Alive, All Lives Matter, and Black Lives Matter: DAILY NEWS VIDEO NY Daily News Video @NYDNVideo Follow The cop that killed this 6-year-old little boy is claiming 'self-defense' #JeremvMardis DAILY NEws NEWS BITES RETWEETS LIKES 4,1172,215 Øcho @ochoBoomin , Follow #BlackLivesMatter g don't see All Lives Matter rallying for you. This is ridiculous. ot vou Lil bro because l NY Daily News Video @NYDNVideo The cop that killed this 6-year-old little boy is claiming 'self defense' #JeremyMardis youtu.be/f3UhWy81WBk RETWEETS LIKES 14,14513,277 whimsysgeekery: genericdubstep: daughterofthestars08: bellaxiao: Self-defense? He’s 6 years old ffs…I can’t More infuriating info: The boy is autistic The boy and his father were in a truck The father stopped the vehicle and raised his arms to show he was unarmed ONE OF THE ARRESTED OFFICERS WAS ACTIVELY STALKING THE FATHER’S FIANCE They are trying to claim self defense AND claim they didn’t know there was a child in the truck They fired “no less than 18 rounds” into the truck The father was hit but still alive. The boy ended up being shot in the head multiple times. There is bodycam footage of the incident and every official/lawyer that has seen and spoken on it has called it horrific. 50% of all police violence victims are autistic or mentally ill. If an autistic person starts screaming or can’t look a cop in the eyes, they use that as an excuse to shoot. I hope Black Lives Matter starts talking about that, too. Police violence hurts the mentally ill a lot and of course that also means black autistic / mentally ill kids are getting hurt and killed. Ableism is deadly. I agree with the sentiments above, I just want to give an update here since Tumblr doesn’t do timestamps. The shooting was in 2015. Stafford was found guilty of manslaughter and is serving 40 years. Greenhouse pleaded guilty to negligent homicide and malfeasance in office and is serving 7 years total. Not enough but at least there was some semblance of justice done. Fucking hell.
Ass, Fail, and Fucking: Jessica Liebman ajessicaliebman Follow Hey, I wrote something! I've been hiring people for 10 years, and I still swear bya simple rule: If someone doesn't send a thank you email, don't hire them. I've been hiring people for 10 years, and I still swear by a simple rule: if s An executive managing editor who has hired hundreds of people believes candidates who send thank you emails show they want the job. businessinsider.com Muging M. Zhang @muqingmzhang Follow White people's fixation on inconsequential social norms is a way to structurally keep out non-white people who lack the cultural capital and privilege to know every one of these inane social rules we're supposed to perform to be granted the jobs and resources we fucking deserve. Jessica Liebman @jessicaliebman Hey, I wrote something!. I've been hiring people for 10 years, and I still swear by a simple rule: If someone doesn't send a thank you email, don't hire them. businessinsider.com/how-to-write-t.. Muqing M. Zhang @muqingmzhang Follow As people who lack white or class privilege know, not possessing this cultural capital causes intense anxiety and alienation. Networking events, office small talk, interviews are often dreadful experiences bc we're being judged according to rules that were set up for us to fail. Muqing M. Zhang @muqingmzhang Follow Everyone who has experienced the dread & anxiety of being in a room full of privileged white people and literally not knowing what they're talking about and second guessing everything you do, knows that these "proper politeness" rules are just a way to alienate & marginalize us. Muqing M. Zhang Follow muingmzhang These social norms of the dominant group create intense emotional strain for marginalized peoples. They cause immense mental labor for us to learn and mimic these behaviors, fear that resources will be withheld, and anxiety when we can't contort ourselves to fit their demands. smaug-official: uncommonbish:THISTHISTHIS, and linguistic prescriptivism also falls into this category. Completely pointless, historically arbitrary way to keep TALENT + MERIT as secondary qualifiers. “First impressions matter” my ass. Get Gen Xs out of hiring positions Bizarre social rules like these are literally so detrimental to autistic people trying to find work, I already struggle enough with the basics of social etiquette I don’t need weird rules like these to follow…
Office, Time, and Nixon: Nixon leaving office for the last time, c. 1974

Nixon leaving office for the last time, c. 1974

Advice, Bailey Jay, and Finance: Senator Eric Abetz has complained about the rainbow pride flag being flown in the foyer of a government department, saving it belongs to a "hostile nation" that has declared war on Australia. SENATE Senate Finance and Public Administration Legisiation Committee ileolai: gondorsfinest: feitanswife: sailurmars: mycroftrh: gerbthenerd: Reblog if you’re part of a hostile nation that’s declared war on Australia Oh my god though guys you don’t know the best thing!  The best thing is: he’s right. The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands is a micronation near Australia.  This is their flag: The Gay Kingdom (as it is colloquially known) was founded in 2004 in protest against Australia’s legal stance against same-sex marriage. Here are some of their stamps: They are currently ruled by Emperor Dale I, and their currency is the Pink Dollar. And, indeed - they declared war on Australia for not recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside the country.  (Second link.) You’re telling me there has been a Gay Island this ENTIRE TIME and I’m only just finding out about it???? WHAT okay, but not enough people know the details on this. people at pride were upset about gay rights in australia. so they decided to sail 200 miles into the coral sea just ‘cause and put a rainbow flag on a fucking empty island out of spite. and i’m talking empty. no inhabitants. zero. it was a flat piece of land with a bit of dry grass. now it has a camp site and a post office.  they have a declaration of independence that talks a bit about gay rights and then just flat out copies the “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” part from the american declaration of independence. and here’s the best part: the founding group actually elected their emperor. he was originally going to be called the “administrator” of a republic. their website, however, says that “upon legal advice, his title was changed to that of Sovereign on the grounds that under Australian law a defacto prince trying to claim his crown cannot be charged with treason”. so they made it a kingdom and he now claims to be a descendent of edward ii. everything about this is glorious and everyone should know about it. Keep reading Not one of you mentioned that the anthem for this nation is I Am What I Am by Gloria Gaynor. Not. One. Of. You.