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Aerosmith, Big Sean, and Drunk: Don't talk to me or my son ever again DrSmashlove U ever start dating someone and they listen to your genre of music and u all excited about it but then they like the wrong shit and now u annoyed u ever brought up music in the first place 🤔. Like if I'm talking to a older grown and sexy Caucasian woman and she got a tribal tramp stamp and she like Nickelback I'm not gonna hold it against her pretty ass Bruh. The horrendous rock - tattoo taste is indicative of a dark past and I happen to like ladies with a dark past - just like pets who came from bad circumstances, I find women with more issues than Time Magazine easier to love 😍. (Side note: this type of woman is brutally honest, which I also love. Like I'm all "ayeee...u ever test positive for anything?" And she just like "yeah, gonorrhea, once, in 2007 😣. I went back stage at an Aerosmith show, got drunk, and banged Steven Tyler smh. Nothing some antibiotics couldn't fix ☺️." And I'm just like, to myself "WOW!!!! Do u also dumpster dive and play roulette with the first needle u see by jamming it in your thigh just to see what happen?! You bold AF, grown and sexy Caucasian woman!" 😂) Nah but u ain't gon discuss music with this chick. It's safe to say we gon spend the night talmbout Trump. But see sometimes the convo is more difficult. I'm like aye what u listen to, she like "rap ☺️" and I'm like "oh word? 😀" And she like "Drake, Gucci, Future, 21" and I'm like "take me to flavor town mama 😍" and then she all "G Eazy, Big Sean" and I'm all "this date was going great. It really was. I know in one week you gon text me like 'WELL I THOUGHT THE DATE WENT WELL SORRY I'M NOT UP TO YOUR STANDARD'" and imma have to reply and apologize but deep down I ain't sorry at all. If u a lil hipster who love Pinegrove and Weyes Blood we might could build a future. But if I ever have to come downstairs to enjoy pancakes with u and our 11 chirren and I hear "Last night took a L, but tonight I bounce back!", I might just say I'm going to Whole Foods for orange juice, get in the minivan, drive away, and never come back. Don't worry baby. Kids will be fine. I'll come back for the Princeton graduations, and NFL draft day 😘 GoodbyeForeverMyLove 😂😂😂