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Anaconda, Apple, and Cars: Katie Notopoulos @katienotopoulos What was "the incident" in your high school? 8:28 PM 25 Dec 17 1,992 Retweets 7,994 Likes derpsquadk-pop: chocolate-cloud-artist: foxflaim: cubeget: libertarirynn: Most of my “incidents“ occurred in college because I was homeschooled. They include: The time a mentally ill homeless man looked up porn on the library computer and then wandered campus claiming he was Jesus. The time the school announced in the middle of the week that if we didn’t get our financial shit together immediately, the school would shut down in a few days and those of us in the middle of completing our majors would be boned. The time our financial advisor was caught embezzling a quarter million dollars The guy who wandered campus in a blue gimp suit A clique of students I never personally knew arrived to school with a Mexican flag and hung it up on the wall of the cafeteria when lunch time came around. They then stood up on the tables and proceeded to chant “F*ck Trump” and tried to get others in the lunch room to join in. They were semi-successful, and the crowd grew larger. This was, of course, not 100% safe for school grounds, so all the staff of the school had to step in to calm things down. This only made them more upset, and the group turned into a small riot, ultimately leading up to the police arriving on campus and me being hit in the head by an airborn apple as i was sitting down at one of the lunch tables watching it unfold. I wasn’t even hungry that day. Okay, but you missed a couple things, my dude. Things picked up, not when they tried to calm people down, but when an administrator came in and took the flag down, because it wasn’t appropriate school behavior and it was blocking a clock. And this wasn’t just a food fight, but a full blown riot. I’m talking, trash cans were thrown, people had cuncusioun, someone got a few people were convinced that it wasn’t the police, but ICE, or what ever it was called there to arrest people. The entire school went into lockdown and there was around ten or so police cars in the parking lot. They wouldn’t let us leave through the front door, but made everyone shuffle out through the back bus lot. Also, going to the nearby park, there at least 25 more cop cars waiting just in case.Interesting day. That day was a mess, a literal and figurative mess. It really was😩😩 I was just trying to get to class but got stampeded by all the rioting students who were exiting the cafeteria. Yoooooo wtf?