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so fucking wholesome: LordFarqiplier5 8 @2-6h No, I, and most others refuse. You may seem on the surface as if you're just being edgy, but there is no life in those eyes. I can only hope you are joking, and if not, that you get better. Dont delete this post. Know who you have to talk to in a time of need. This whole comment section is full of people who have been down that road, and I'm sure are willing to talk to you if need be. Get well, my friend, because depression isnt a joke, it is an illness that shouldn't be overlooked r/RoastMe u/MufasaQuePasa 358http://redd.i... 8h i Reply 17 years old russian with crippling depression. Give me a reason to end it all 11.0k 156 more replies CooldOwn34 2-5h You look like the guy I know that went to get help and got better. edit: Wow this blew up! I was just trying to bring in some positive thoughts. Thanks everyone, have an awesome day! Reply t 8.9k Buddy, you stumbled into a pit of some of the most vicious vipers on the internet, and we're all rooting for you. Virtual hug, my brother. 2.9k Reply 6 more replies Uktarget 7h I'm with the others, I am normally pretty brutal but I've been there and the last thing you need is people ripping into you get help see a doctor get someone like a mental health worker to talk to. Reply 2.5k 23 more replies Satailleure 7h Get out of depression, do something meaningful, grow an ego then come back here acting like you're the shit, and I'll fuck your mind up. Until then, get better my friend. Depression is a motherfucker. so fucking wholesome