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Soldiers, France, and Ask: German Soldiers ask a Polish Citizen for directions to France (May 10, 1940)

German Soldiers ask a Polish Citizen for directions to France (May 10, 1940)

Click, Fucking, and Funny: N THE text in MSPa Do r rotate omegapausestuck: koobaxion: alphaplayfree: alienpapacy: you ever see an image and think “i may see something as funny as this again, but never anything funnier” ALL RIGHT YOU LITTLE SHITS GET READY TO LEARN SOMETHING yOU WANNA ROTATE TEXT?! well mod 5ider has got the fucking t r i c k s homie Step one: Type something. P E R F E C T. sTEP TWO: FIND THE RESIZE OPTION. You see that little resize button on your menu? Yeah, that’s the one. you can just click that shit! On older versions of MS Paint there isn’t this option, but you can always find it with a quick right-click. THERE IT FUCKING IS!!!!!  STEP THREE: STRETCH AND SKEW When you click resize, this menu comes up. I’m sure you all have seen this menu before, but for those who don’t, I’ll clue you in. The top options control the length and respective width of your artwork. you can choose to alter them separately, or all together Using that little “Maintain Aspect Ration” checkbox there, but that’s not important right now. wHat we’re focusing on is that skew option on the botttom. with that you can t i l t whatever image yuo have on your screen to the left to the right up and down. “BUT 5IDER!!!!!” you say, “THAT DOESN’T LOOK ROTATED AT ALL” wELL HOLD ON TO YOUR LUG NUTS BECAUSE I T ’ S T I M E F O R STEP 4: ULTRA COMBOOOOOOOO!!!!! now, comes the fun part. unlike its aspect ratio locked cousin, the stretch and skew options work independently from one another. So, you can do things like  and But that’s neither here nor there… what gets REALLY interesting is when your ratios are in opposite directions.. HOME RUN! Now, before I let you go, I found out through trial and error that an angle doesn’t exactly match up with its negative dimension… (Step 5: Angular ratios) See? there’s a little offset between vertical and horizontal if your expect your text to appear natural instead of tilted. The only places that this offset reaches zero is at 90° (of course) and the rare and extremely dangerous 45° rotations. Fortunately, I’ve already mapped out a few angles that I find are very useful in my works so, for your viewing pleasure… i present my handy dandy graph All you have to do is match up your desired angle up to its respective complement and you have quickly and efficiently rotated your first word in MS Paint. Have fun! You know, you guys really seemed to enjoy this post. Should I do more MS Paint tutorials in the future?
At-St, Children, and Dogs: When my toddler punches my dog, my dog growls at him. How do I stop my dog from growling at my son? Marnie Bell, studied at St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School Updated Fri Upvoted by Erika Wiggins, I trained all of my dogs to Canine Good Companion standards. and Caitie Foster, has 20+ yrs experience living with and learning about dogs. Get rid of it. If it can't follow basic directions by now, that kid is never going to be able to. Take it back to the hospital where you had it and tell them that the child just doesn't fit in to your family. They can arrange for a new home for the kid. ALTERNATIVELY you could teach your toddler to respect the dog. Growling is your warning. It's a VERY clear message that the dog is distressed about something (if your toddler punched me, I'd growl too). Your dog can't talk. Growling and body language is the only way he has to tell you that he's upset. So -Why are you letting the child punch the dog?! What is wrong with you?! You need to teach your child how to be gentle and respectful of your dog. If you don't, and the child's atrocious behavior continues, expect the next time to end in your child being bitten. Theres not much that grinds my gears as much as dogs being put down or labeled 'vicious because of stupid, irresponsible owners. Separate the 2 of them as much as possible until you can be the owner & parent your poor dog deserves. People like this do not deserve to have dogs or children 😡

People like this do not deserve to have dogs or children 😡

America, Mark Zuckerberg, and Ask: Mark Zuckerberg stops to ask for directions while on a road trip across America, (2010)

Mark Zuckerberg stops to ask for directions while on a road trip across America, (2010)