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America, Anaconda, and Life: Norway Democratic Socialism United States Unfettered Capitalism Poverty rate-10% Life expectancy of 81.7 years Infant mortality 2 per 1,000 births. A murder rate of 0.51 per 100,000. Incarcerations: 74 per 100,000. GDP of $75.500 per person 70% workers protected by Unions Ranks 2nd -Happiest Country Free Universal health care Free higher education Financial security for seniors 83% home ownership Living wage as minimum 8 weeks paid vacation per year 35 weeks paid parental leave Poverty rate-29% Life expectancy of 79.6 years. Infant mortality 5.7 per 1,000 births. A murder rate of 4.74 per 100,000. Incarcerations: 860 per 100,000. GDP of $59.500 per person 11.3% workers protected by Unions Ranks 14th-Happiest Country Unpaid/Insurance based health care Expensive higher education No security for seniors 63% home ownership Poverty wage as minimum No paid vacation per year No paid parental leave Average personal tax rate-37% Average personal tax rate-38.52% liberalsarecool: thatpettyblackgirl: It’s worth pointing out that the poverty rate mentioned in the picture is relative poverty. By law everyone in Norway is entitled to shelter and subsistence support including basic health care. Poor Norwegians, in other words, receive far more support from society than poor Americans do. Socialism works. The only reason republicans want capitalism is so the rich can hoard all the wealth while poor people suffer. Vote Bernie! EAT. THE. RICH. You pay the same tax rate, but in America you have to add your health care payments and tuition payments. That can be thousands a year. Plus, they get 8 weeks of vacation. They get 35 weeks of paid parental leave. We have to end siphoning all the surplus labor value to shareholders and give back profits as wages and benefits.

liberalsarecool: thatpettyblackgirl: It’s worth pointing out that the poverty rate mentioned in the picture is relative poverty. By law ...

Children, Family, and Girls: squ33ble legally-bitchtastic catch-the-ghost monsterkissed here is an idea: normalise the idea that adopting kids is a valid option even for parents who could conceive a child themselves, and not just an inferior backup option for parents who can't Yesterday one of the girls in the unit who's about my age was complaining about her period and expressing a wish for the doctors nearby to "Just take me down to the OR real quick and give me a hysterectomy." Immediately half the nurses (all mothers mind you) start telling her about how she's gonna regret it and she doesn't know yet if she really doesn't want kids, blah blah blalh Anyways, I was walking past so l said, "You know what, you do what you want. If you want end up wanting kids later go adopt some, we've got plenty that get left behind on the second floor [our labor and delivery unit]." All the older nurses shut down so fast and the girl I was talking to suddenly threw up her hands and me and said, "See??? That's what l mean! THANK YOU." NORMALIZE THIS SHIT!! WE REALLY DO HAVE WOMEN COME INTO L&D TO HAVE A BABY AND THEN JUST LEAVE IT HERE AND TAKE OFF. ADOPT!!! Also, don't ask the parents of adopted children if they had fertility problems. That shit is personal. My sister adopted her son and when asked if she is infertile, she likes to ask them what position their children were conceived with, because that's on the same level of appropriateness Like, some people really DO want to experience pregnancy on their own, but that's not the only way to be a parent? On the other hand, some people want kids but DON'T want to be pregnant themselves. Adoption is awesome Birthing a baby is awesome. Hiring a surrogate is awesome. Stop judging parental options, as long as the kids are safe and well taken care of! Family is a choice