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Drugs, Friends, and Phone: Sarah harva ncik @SarahHarvancik Follow Left our drink for less than 2 minutes and the guys we were with drugged it. Trust your gut, always check up on your friends. Y'all can NEVER be too safe LIQUID GOOD 10:29 AM - 24 Mar 2019 from Kingm an, AZ sarah harvancik @SarahHarvancik Follow For those asking where to get these from SipChip Drink Spiking Test for Date Rape Drug D... The most effective test for detecting spiked beverages With just one drop, we give you a portable and fast way to test for common date rape drugs. undercovercolors.com 11:57 AM 27 Mar 2019 Portable, discreet, fast, and accurate. Here's how SipChipTM helps you stay safe 2. ADD A DROP OF YOUR 3. WAIT FOR RESULTS 4. CHECK RESULTS 1. CARRY SIPCHIP WITH YOU SipChip fits in our key fob or phone holder, or carry it in your purse wallet, or pocket so you're always preparea SipChipT" detects most common date When you're ready to test, use your rape drugs including roofies, xanax, finger or a straw to add one drop of and valium in as fast as 30 seconds Two lines means you're in the clear One line means your drink is DRINK drugged. Don't drink it your drink to the test. SipChipT works in drinks with or without alcohol with 99.3% accuracy Be sure your drink is just a drink. Buy Tests uncommonbish:https://www.undercovercolors.com/ - buy tests The fact that women need this in order to feel safe sucks.                                                                               

uncommonbish:https://www.undercovercolors.com/ - buy tests The fact that women need this in order to feel safe sucks.                ...

America, Bad, and Be Like: Lou Ohio I need to get my life off my chest. About me. I'm a 46 year old banker and I have been living my whole life the opposite of how I wanted. All my dreams, my passion, gone. In a steady 9-7 job. 6 days a week. For 26 years. I repeatedly chose the safe path for everything, which eventually changed who I was. Today I found out my wife has been cheating on me for the last 10 years. My son feels nothing for me. I realised I missed my father's funeral FOR NOTHING. I didn't complete my novel, travelling the world, helping the homeless. All these things I thought I knew to be a certainty about myself when i was in my late teens and early twenties. If my younger self had met me today, I would have punched myself in the face. I'll get to how those dreams were crushed soon. Let's start with a description of me when I was 20. It seemed only yesterday when I was sure I was going to change the world. People loved me, and I loved people. I was innovative, creative, spontaneous, risk taking and great with people. I had two dreams. The first, was writing a utopic/dystopic book. The second, was travelling the world and helping the poor and homeless. I had been dating my wife for four years by then. Young love. She loved my spontaneity, my energy, my ability to make people laugh and feel loved. I knew my book was going to change the world I would show the perspective of the 'bad' and the twisted', showing my viewers that everybody thinks differently, that people never think what the do is wrong. I was 70 pages through when i was 20.I am still 70 pages in, at 46. By 20, I had backpacking around New Zealand and the Philippines. I planned to do all of Asia, then Europe, then America To date, I have only been to New Zealand and the Philippines. Now, we get to where it all went wrong. My biggest regrets. I was 20. I was the only child. I needed to be stable. I needed to take that graduate job, which would dictate my whole life. To devote my entire life in a 9-7 job. What was I thinking? How could I live when the job was my life? After coming home, I would eat dinner, prepare my work for the following day, and sleep at 10pm, to wake up at 6am the following day God, I can't remember the last time I've made love to my wife Yesterday, my wife admitted to cheating on me for the last 10 years. 10 years. That seems like a long time, but i can't comprehend it. It doesn't even hurt. She says it's because I've changed. I'm not the person l was. What have I been doing in the last 10 years? Outside of work, I really can't say anything. Not being a proper husband. Not being ME. Who am 1? What happened to me? I didn't even ask for a divorce, or yell at her, or cry. I felt NOTHING. Now I can feel a tear asl write this. But not because my wife has been cheating on me, but because I am now realising I have been dying inside. What happened to that fun-loving, risk taking, energetic person that was me, hungering to change the world? I remember being asked on a date by the most popular girl in the school, but declining her for my now-wife. God, I was really popular with the girls in high school. In university/college too. But i stayed loyal. I didn't explore. I studied every day Remember all that backpacking and book-writingI told you about? That was all in the first few years of college. I worked part-time and splurged all that I had earned. Now, I save every penny. I don't remember a time I spend anything on anything fun. On anything for myself. What do I even want now? My father passed ten years ago. I remember getting calls from mom, telling me he was getting sicker and sicker. I was getting busier and busier, on the verge of a big promotion. I kept putting my visit off, hoping in my mind he would hold on. He died, and I got my promotion. I haven't seen him in 15 years. When he died, I told myself it didn't matter what I didn't see him. I rationalized that being dead, it wouldn't matter anyway. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Rationalizing everything, making excuses to put things off. Excuses Procrastination. It all leads to one thing, nothing. I rationalized that financial security was the most important thingInow know, that it definitely is not. I regret doing nothing with my energy, when I had it. My passions. My youth. I regret letting my job take over my life. I regret being an awful husband, a money- making machine. I regret not finishing my novel, not travelling the world. Not being emotionally there for my son. Being a damn emotionless wallet. If you're reading this, and you have a whole life ahead of you, please. Don't procrastinate. Don't leave your dreams for later. Relish in your energy, your passions. Don't stay on the internet with all your spare time (unless your passion needs it). Please, do something with your life while you're young. DO NOT settle down at 20. DO NOT forget your friends, your family Yourself. Do NOT waste your life. Your ambitions. Like I did mine. Do not be like me srsfunny: A Sad But Common Story

srsfunny: A Sad But Common Story

Anna, Clothes, and Crazy: $42% 14:45 Anna Today 12:10 I haven't seen you in forever Have you been visiting your fellow angels up in Heaven? Ps. Always wanted to use this as a text opener Are you my wallet? Because l want to fill you up Ps. I just had nothing to respond with so I saw my empty wallet. Today 13:00o Do you like vegetables, Because i like you from head tomatoesb At least something is empty Are you a salad, because l'd stay away from you until there was some meat in you Let's do some math. Add bed subtract clothes, divide legs, and multiply My tongue hasn't been to the gym in a while, mind sitting on my face and letting my tongue work out? Do you want to do 68? go down on you, and you owe you Are you my TV because i need to beat you to make you work Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cause l can see myself in your pants! Let's recreate our parents lives I act like I love you, I get you pregnant and then go move to the middle East under a different identity Oh that would be lovely. When and where? They say your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body Want to fight? I'd like to request a handicap, my tongue isn't strong enough to fight your tongue, How about I fight your clit? Today 14:02 Did your license get suspended for driving all these tinder girls crazy? I think you should bulk up a bit,I can offer some of my protein to you Today 14:41 Would you f*ck a stranger? No? Then let me introduce myself, my name is Anna I also require a phone number before I fuck someone, consider that my engagement proposal Sent Type a message.... GIF The pick up line show down of 2019