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Yabba Dabba Dont: THIS ALL FEELS FAMILIAR DOESN'T IT, FRED? WE PARTICIPATED IN A GENOCIDE, BARNEY. This looks like a fucking parody post, or an edgy edit, but it's 100% official real Flintstones. Clarification: I don't hate this book, I love it, it's amazing. It's just that taking a step back and looking it out of context is still really funny. Especially the line "We participated in a genocide, Barney." ok but imagine them in their cartoon forms saying this dialogue i'nm can we have some context to this, perhaps? Bedrock is having a mayoral election. One of the candidates is a violent war mongering asshole that riles people up against the lizard people. This reminds Fred and Barney of their time in the army Back then the father of said violent candidate was rilin the "tree people". Fred, Barney, and other soldiers fought what they believed to be a defensive measure against the tree people. Turns out, it was actualy an invasion, in order to kill off the tree people and take over their forest to build Bedrock g people up against That's what Fred means when he says he and Barney participated in a genocide. They literally did (Extra fun fact, Barney adopted a tree person baby after the war, and his son Bamm-Bamm is the last tree person.) connerd-cynique just fucking read it http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-Flintstones WAS ALL A LIE the-prolefeed I refuse to believe this rift in reality that is the Flintstones reboot comic is allowed to exist. I will not touch, for I fear temporal displacement. "What have I yabba dabba done?" Yabba Dabba Dont