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Bitch, Crazy, and Fail: 6-phds-and-no-sense sometimes people try to tell me that scientists are paragons of rationality and l have to break it to them that I have yet to work in a lab that didn't have at least one weird secret shrine in it 6-phds-and-no-sense new guy: why is all of the equipment in this room covered in toys? me: dONn't touch those new guy me: they need the toys to function. if they don't all have toys they get jealous new guy: new guy me: when something breaks just take the wizard and wave it around for a while they seem to like that inkling139 We don't have shrines per say in our lab but there are plenty of superstitions For instance, if a Prince song plays once on the radio that day your experiment will probably work. If two Prince songs play you should just throw in the towel because none times out of ten your shit is going to fail. No one knows what happens with three Prince songs, the theory is it might reset everything to neutral but it has vet to be tested Train people to look for problematic variables in delicate tasks with numerous potentials for failure and our pattern recognition goes crazy trying to find some common denominator. It doesn't always settle on the most logical explanation We know it's not true but then there's that Sherlock Holmes phrase rattling around in your subconscious. Eliminate the impossible and whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth Source:6-phds-and-no-sense #science is a bitch sometimes #and scientists have their own special type of superstitions #lab life 1,855 notes The mad scientist trope had to come from somewhere