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Brains, Funny, and Head: 2:05 PM hs.hiveswap.com AT&T LTE MARVU AT&T LTE 2:06 PM Done hs.hiveswap.com C HIVESWAP THE EXTENDED ZODIAC By the creator of Homestuck and Hiveswap CAPRIST CAPRI* Purple Sign *RIST Prospit+Time SIGN OF THE AUDACIOUS If your true sign is Caprist, then you possess the unique combination of qualities held by all Purple Signs, Prospit Dreamers, and Time-bound Sign Class: Purple Purple Signs are the workaholics of the sign classes Ambitious and driven, they have a very specific path in mind to reach the pinnacle of their field, and will work tirelessly toward it. However, if their practical brains convince them that their goal is unrealistic, they may be slow to trust anyone with the secret of their true desires. They are often very funny, their wit veering toward the dryly macabre Their fatalism can be incredibly humorous or terrible, depending who you ask. Purple Signs are usually the people who will say out loud what everyone else was thinking but was too nervous to mention. They are very stubborn, and once they've made up their mind about something whether it be a restaurant choice or a political affiliation, it is difficult to change. They have trouble admitting they were mistaken, and also that they are upset. An oft- repeated phrase of the Purple Signs is, "It's fine, don't worry about it. They will let arguments fester rather than face them head on. In love they tend to be strictly asexualterezipyrope: Marvus your sign is showing

asexualterezipyrope: Marvus your sign is showing