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Chill, Club, and Food: SYSTEM OFA DOWN ncubus WITH AI THE DRIVE IN CLUTCH PALLBEARER SKELETONWITCH BUY TICA ETMAS OFFICE Important info for our SOLD OUT show this Saturday at Glen Helen Amphitheater (No tickets will be available at the box office!): . . ARRIVE EARLY - Parking lots will open at 9am & we’re expecting a full house (45,000 fans). . . FREE PARK & RIDE - Starting at 9am, the Fontana Auto Club Speedway will offer a free Park & Ride shuttle to the venue. At the Speedway, you can also enter for a chance to win a signed SOAD guitar (winner notified Monday, October 15). The first 500 fans to arrive will each receive a $10 Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverage voucher to use at the show. Swipe up in our story to RSVP for your Park & Ride passes + view the Official Guitar Giveaway rules. . . CARPOOL-RIDESHARE - This will lighten traffic & save you time locating friends. In addition, the first 500 fans to arrive will each receive a $10 Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverage voucher to use at the show. Head over to our Carpool SOAD Giveaway booth in the general parking lot to retrieve your voucher. . REGIONAL SHUTTLE - For those who don’t live near the venue, we’ve partnered with FestDrive to provide direct coach options from all over Southern California, all fully air-conditioned with restrooms. Relax & enjoy a hassle-free ride to & from the venue. Swipe up in our story to get your FestDrive Shuttle pass. . . STAY & CHILL OUT AFTER THE SHOW - We’ll have free coffee (from Serj Tankian’s own @kavatcoffee - www.kavatcoffee.com), donuts,and we'll be screening This Is Spinal Tap on a 50' movie screen down by the lake if you want to hang out while the parking lots clear. . Full info on allowable items at entry, venue rules & more can be found by searching Glen Helen Amphitheater on the Live Nation site!

Important info for our SOLD OUT show this Saturday at Glen Helen Amphitheater (No tickets will be available at the box office!): . . ARRIVE ...

Alive, Beautiful, and Children: THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII distrust: whatever the wishes of the mind, | love to train, to ripen their minds-to unfold the animal frame was well fitted to executethe sweet blossom of their hidden passion:s, them; the wiry muscles of the throat, the in order to prepare the fruit to my taste. I hraad chest, the nervous hands and lea loathe your ready-made and ripened courte aunt arms, which were bared above the sans; it is in the soft and unconscious prog napable alike of ress of innocence to desire that I find the sive endurance. true charm of love: it is thus that I defy ian to this fas- satiety; and by contemplating the freshness you ha e improved the of others, I sustain the freshness of my own tue much attending to my sensations. From the young hearts of my suggestion; and your verses are excellent. ictis I draw the ingredients of the caldron Always prophesy good fortupe, unless there in which I re-yout y. But enough of s an absolute impossibility oits fulilment." this: to the subject before us. You know, tin, that in Neapolis some time since I en ntered Ione and Apæcides, brother and er, the children of Athenians who had andare the to be at rest- at Neapolis. The death of their for rest prays the mariner in the Ægean sea,rents, who knew and esteemed me, consti or at least so says Horace;-can the mariner tuted me their g. I was not unmind be more an rest in the sea than when e is at fal of the trust. The youth, docile and mild, el lily to the impression I sought to on him. Next to woman, I love the lections of my ancestral land; I love to propagate on distant shores her colonies perchance yet people), her dark and mystic creeds. It may be that " Assuredly," replied the priest, leading it pleases me to delude mankind, while I thus he way to one of the small chambers which serve the deities. To Apæcides I taught the urrounded th open gate. Here they seated solemn faith of Isis. I unfolded to him rea the cinating flan voice of the stat iphave we ot s beautiful, he botton of it?" to other mattes you can admit meio one of your less sacred apartments?" which h hsomething of those sublime allegories which are couched beneath her worship. I excited winein a soul peculiarly alive to religious fer which while the companions partook, a r- 1 that enthusiasm which imagination begets on tain, drawn across the entrance opening to faith. I have placed him amongst you: he the court, concealed them rom e, b is one of you" admonished them by the thinness of the par-"He is so," said Calenus: "but in thus sition to speak low, or to speak no secrets: stimulating his faith, you have robbed him of wisdom. He is horror-struck that he is , in a voice no longer duped; our sage delusions, our ues and secret staircases, dis was its sound, at it has ever been may and revolt him; he pines; he wastes my maxim to attach yself to the young. away; he mutters to himself; he refuses to From their flexile and unformed minds I can share our ceremonies. He has been known coye out my fittest tools. I weaveI warp to frequent the company of men suspected mould them at my will.e Q the men I of adherence to that new and atheistical creed the which denies all our gods, and terms our oracles the inspirations of that malevolent ·n | spirit of which eastern tradition speaks. Our oracles-alas ! we know well whose inspira- ernative. Arbaces, air, so soft and in speaking stat favorite dstorted his ungainly features " Yes, I do not disguise it; woman is the tions they are." main object, the great appetite, of my soul.This is what I feared," said Arbace As you feed the victim for the slaughter, musingly, "from various reproaches he made love to rear the votaries of my pleasure. I me when I last saw him. Of late he hath
Children, Crime, and Disneyland: Family Destroyed Over False Aquisations 128,173 views "Cry all you f ckin want, your tears dont mean shit to me. Your tears mean dick to me, just so you know To: From: <p><a href="https://anti-sjw-movement.tumblr.com/post/159840767806/lornagonigall-dungeonman84-let-me-guess-he" class="tumblr_blog">anti-sjw-movement</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="https://lornagonigall.tumblr.com/post/159838408635/dungeonman84-let-me-guess-he-was-falsely" class="tumblr_blog">lornagonigall</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="https://dungeonman84.tumblr.com/post/159823993007/let-me-guess-he-was-falsely-accused-of-some-form" class="tumblr_blog">dungeonman84</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>Let me guess? He was falsely accused of some form of sex crime, and she listened and believed?</p></blockquote> <p>Literally so far from the truth, not even funny. </p> <p>They filmed themselves “pranking” their children. Sounds harmless, right? No. They usually “prank” their child Cody. They did things such as pushed him into furniture, injuring him, blamed him for stuff they did themselves to elicit some sort of reaction from him (usually intense hysteria), as well as filming their older children hurting and bullying Cody to the point of tears.</p> <p>Philip DeFranco called them out on their shit, and obviously, people were pissed. To prove Cody loved them, they “pranked” him again, saying they were giving him up for adoption. Naturally, a child as young as Cody being ripped away from the family he’s accustomed to terrified him and he cried at that prospect and they were like “HAHA HATERS SEE?? CODY LOVES US!!!”</p> <p>They recently said they weren’t bringing Cody to Disneyland because he smeared his faeces on the walls, which is a common sign of what happens to child abuse victims I believe. This only adds to the evidence that they’re abusive pieces of shit.</p> <p>By now, they’ve deleted every single video of theirs besides this one. However, clips still remain on Philip DeFranco’s video as well as other YouTubers. Warning, they’re harrowing.</p> </blockquote> <p>They are literally awful, I am pleased they are being looked into so much now because their treatment of Cody was shocking. They are disgusting.</p></blockquote> <p>By all means yes they are absolutely terrible and no it has nothing to do “Being falsely accused of some sex crime“ </p><p>But real quick I just want to address: “Aquisations”</p>