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Crying, Facebook, and Friends: Open Question Show me another Parents want to kick me out of the house!? My mom was cleaning my room and my safe was left open by mistake and she found about 40 dickgit hentai comics I had paid around a thousand doliars for as well as signed headshots of my favorite pornstars and threw them in the garbagelll And sald she had never been so disgusted in her life and that I need to get a social life In revenge I logged into her facebook account (autosave passwords ftw) and went hogwild, I posted on a pic of her violin students boyfriend "mmm he's a hottie! I wanna suck his cock" and sent a long and filthy letter to a guy she went to highschool with about how she hated my father and all the screwed up sexual things she wanted to do to him. I basically spent 3 hours vulgarly insulting and coming on to all her friends and posting lewd comments on their pics and status I figured my mom would basically go touche and consider it tit for tat after what she did, but she FREAKED OUT and broke down crying when she saw what I did, She personally apologized to EVERY single one of her friends when she could have just made a "My son has a werid sense of humor, sorry guys!" status update. Now she wants to kick me out of the housel Fm 31 and have never had a job, what the hell am supposed to do? Is there any way I can smooth this over? Make her breakfast in bed or something77277 Heipli hours ag0-4 days left to answer Answer Question happydurazno: polymorphic-sentient-space-rocks: tervbangs: kys