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Best Friend, Detroit, and Life: fragilefox: bemymonument: bemymonument: My best friend had a horrible top surgery experience, and his surgeon doesnrsquo;t seem to care. He is raising money to get a second opinion and (hopefully) another surgery to fix what his first surgeon did. Anyone can look at these pictures and realize that is NOT right. So even if you cannot donate, please reblog and share this. My best friend is entirely broken over this and is strongly fighting a deep depression because of it. He deserves happiness, and was so close to finally reaching it before this happened. I want nothing more than for him to love himself when he sees himself, including with his shirt off. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read, share, and/or donate! http://www.gofundme.com/5s6wm6o PLEASE SHARE, it’s not even just about the money. Eli wants to get the word out and possibly prevent this happening to others! [ID: Two pictures of Eli’s chest post-op. The results are not typical for a transgender mastectomy, as there is no masculinization and the shape of the original chest is visible. it is not typical cancer mastectomy or breast reduction results either; the nipple grafts were done directly on top of the incision site, and the sutures were done poorly. there is a great deal of scarring. end ID] here is the text from the gofundme, with spaces added for accessibility: So as most people know I recently got top surgery on March 13th. I have waited my whole life for this surgery and I couldn’t wait to see the final results. I was supposed to get my surgery done with Dr. Doreen Ganos, a transgender specialized surgeon at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI, she was amazing at what she does and had great results. Sadly two weeks before my actual surgery she ended up passing away. I got passed onto a surgeon who was taking over her patients. I met with him and he had nothing but great things to say, one of which was “my goal is to have minimal scarring for you, so when you are on the beach no one will question your chest”. Any trans guy would jump for joy at that remark so I felt very confident still going through with surgery with him. However, the outcome turned out not what I expect nor have I ever seen before, as pictured. The surgeon chose to not use drains after the procedure, he stated that it was not necessary. He also didn’t leave me with any sort of binding after the surgery other than this sticky tape over my chest, that I had to remove myself at home. And when I removed the tape at home after a week post op, I had never been so let down in my entire life. I had no words, other than “what the hell”. I’m not sure what procedure he was trying to do, but clearly if I was on the beach, certainly I would get questioned with my chest. Since March I have been on antibiotics three times due to having infections. Along with having to get a revision that didn’t really do much other than make my chest flatter(which is nice) but still very deformed, as also pictured. I also have been through multiple shirts due to leaking fluid…which could’ve been avoided had he put drains in. It has come to the point that the best surgery of my life has turned out to be the worst thing to happen to me. My mental health has declined severely, and I have come to conclusion that I need to get a second opinion, along with a new surgery to fix this outcome. Another surgery, taking off time from work again, and more medical bills will be very expensive and I cannot afford it myself. So I am reaching out to the public and hopefully me finally sharing my story may help a little, rather than me hiding the severity of it. Any little donation helps or even reading my story and sharing it, I truly am so thankful in advance for anyone and everyone who comes across this page. edit: the surgeon that did this is Dr. Herman Houin at Henry Ford, Fairlane Dearborn location