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Children, Global Warming, and Iphone: THE HILL The Hill V @thehill CDC: Americans not having enough babies to sustain population hill.cm/w43uHJh 5:36 AM- Jan 12, 2019 SocialFlow 230 Retweets 416 Likes Esthetician/Skin Specialist @LaBeautyologist Forgive this trillion dollar student loan debt then. Or put a cap on rental prices. Or give us universal health care. Something. Damn. The Hill @thehill CDC: Americans not having enough babies to sustain population hill.cm/w43uHJh 9:19 PM Jan 12, 2019 Twitter for iPhone 4.8K Retweets 12K Likes BROWN $KIN @yagirlselie Replying to@LaBeautyologist and @markusssc These bills adding up ! Ain't no babies no time soon! 11:55 PM Jan 12, 2019 Twitter for iPhone Jewel @Jewel Evette Replying to @LaBeautyologist And affordable quality childcare 10:04 PM Jan 12, 2019 Twitter for iPhone xandrachantal: weasowl: niggazinmoscow: Everything older people say millennials aren’t doing–shopping, golfing, buying houses, getting married, having kids, dining out–is related to an entire generation having less money than their parents. I work 60 hours a week so I can afford to live in my car. Like, what is even happening further up the economy that they think these are choices. who can afford a 2 bedroom apartment to raise these kids in? who paying for daycare? these public schools are trash and the education budget is constantly being defunded to build prisons. it’s still legal for cops to kill Black children. oh and no one is taking global warming seriously so we’re all gonna die in another 20 years
Blessed, Club, and Life: Medusa was defendin herself rs geekremix: xenaamazon: awkward-dark-mori-girl: takealookatyourlife: takealookatyourlife: Athena blessed her with the ability to protect herself and men beheaded her for it. That’s actually a really intetesting intpretation of it I hadn’t thought of. Most people seem to think Athena turned Medusa into a gorgon as punishment for defiling her temple, but thinking that she did so to protect her from being abused again is interesting and I like it! Athena’s hands were tied. Yes, she was a powerful Goddess, but she was very much a woman in a “boys club”, and the true offending party (don’t think for a moment that Athena blamed Medusa for being raped in the temple, Athena knows better) held all the cards. There was nothing that Athena could do to punish the true criminal, and she was expected to punish Medusa by everyone else. What’s a Goddess to do when she cannot punish those who need to be punished and is expected to punish not only the truly innocent party, but her most beloved follower? Use that incredible brain power she had to protect Medusa at all costs, and of course the men would see it as punishment, to be have her beauty stripped from her and sent to live in the shadows. Medusa should have been KILLED for supposedly defiling the temple, whether she truly did or not, but she was given the gift of life, and the ability to protect herself and her daughters (who she bore thanks to Poseidon). This is why Medusa’s image was used to signify woman’s shelters and safe houses. Medusa means “guardian; protectress”, and she was. holy shit.