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Clothes, College, and Confused: Walmart Dress Code Freedom of Choice Walmart Associate Dress Code Color Guide You have a lot of freedom when dressing for work. Here's a range of the dress-code compliant colors Tops Lightest Darkest amkrii: akornzombie: siryouarebeingmocked: diarrheaworldstarhiphop: siryouarebeingmocked: friendly-neighborhood-ehrhardt: thes3nator: counterclockworkminds: the-dao-of-the-zerg: left-reminders: “Freedom of choice” under capitalism Hey now, that looks like nearly 50% of a color! Half a color worth of freedom. You can’t get that with the competition, which requires you to wear exactly one shade. We give you five different shades! Innovation, that’s what this is. Raw, capitalistic innovation. Now you’ve got a full half a color worth of freedom. So, I worked for a big name department store. I was happy when I came in and they said I could pick my own outfits, I just had to stick to ‘dark colors’ (dark blue, red, black, etc) and look business professional. Oh and only ½ print at most (printed top). Coming from a call center (I went into retail to help pay for college) pretty much all of my current clothes were fine. It was great! I even could wear my red dress that everyone loved because it was ‘on brand’.A few months in I find out that the only reason I could wear color at all was because of a state supreme court decision that said forcing only one color counted as a uniform, and that if it was a uniform the company had to pay. So across the river my fellow associates could only wear black, but whatever ‘business professional’ clothes they wanted.What a liberal dress code! /s How come we haven’t seen any walmart employees wear dresscode compliant fursuits yet? wearing a different shade of blue fursuit each day of the work week is direct action. Is there any petty, inane thing that people like OP can’t blame on capitalism? Yes, OP would tooootallyyy love to go into a walmart in a hurry and be fucking confused as to who to ask for help cus every employee wears what ever the fuck they want I somehow got confused for an employee all the time even when my uniform didn’t match the joint I was in. Heck, I got mistaken the other day, when I waited around in a food store for someone in my Sunday best, even though all the employees were in t-shirts.Me, not the person. They must’ve thought I was security. Huh. I’ve been at my weekend job, in my work shirt (black polo with the company name embroidered on the sleeve, with name tag) and had people ask me “ do you work here? ” “No. I just cosplay as a Wal-mart employee because misery is my kink.”