A British game show, not to be confused with the Keith Olbermann joint.

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Animals, Barcelona, and Bob Marley: Songs you shoud know: Smells like teen Spirit-Nirvana Nothing Else matters-Metallica Satisfaction The Rolling Stones Knockin on Heaven's door Bob Dylan All Along the Watchtower- Jimmy Hendrix Paranoid Black Sabbath Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen London Calling-The Clash Thrilier-Michael Jackson November Rain Guns'n'Roses Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin Child In time-Deep Purple Wish you were here-Pink Floyd Brothers in Arms-Dire Stralts Music-lohn Milles Hotel California-The Eagles Thunderstruck-AC/DC Imagine-John Lennon Let it be-Beatles Calfornication-Red hot chill Peppers Hymn barclay james harvest Fear oft he dark-Iron Maiden Locomotive breath- lethro Tull luly morning-Uriah Heep Always on my Mind - Elvis Presley Sound of Silence Simon and Garfunkel Don't stop believing Journey Space Oddity-David Bowie Dancing in the dark-Bruce Springsteen One-Johnny Cash My Way-Frank Sinatra Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton Summer ol 69-Bryan Adams Alrica-Toto One-U2 Redemption Song-Bob Marley Fatherand son-Cat Stevens Careless whisper George Michael Whata wonderful world-Louis Armstrong In the airtonight Phil Collins Wind ofchange Scorpions Fragile Siing Every breath you take The Police Freebird-Lynyrd Skynyrd Johnny be good Chuck'Berry Holy Diver-Dio Dancing Queen Abba Barcelona - Freddie Mercury/Montserrat Cabelle My Generation The Who The End The Doors Baby Love Mother's Finest Land down under-Men at Work Hallelujah-lelf Buckley Black hole sun -Soundgarden Seven Nation Army-White Stripes witha llttie helptrom my friends Joe Cocker ivinon a prayer-Bon Jovi Me and Bobby Mcnee-Janis Joplin The LadyIn Chris de Burgh House of the rising Suno Animals ake me home country roadsolohn Denver Lemon tree-Fools Garden Eye of the Tiger-Survivor Jump-Van Halen la GrangeoZZ Top fee Back to black Amy Winehouse The final Countdown Europe Learn to fly- Foo Fighters The Lady In Re Red More thana ling-Boston Music is a special thing No one have the same taste of music. So please respect everyone who live his kind of music. The songs above are my top iconic songs I choose only one song per band because otherwise the list woud be to long. But now its your turn.. what song/band is missing? Do you agree? (Not mine, can’t remember OP, sorry)

Do you agree? (Not mine, can’t remember OP, sorry)

Clock, Countdown, and Energy: buying peaches is so stressful because you have to consume them so quickly... it's like the moment the cashier types in that number the alpha peach turns to its brothers in the bags and says "alright listen up boys, it's time to remember your training. i want to see immense bruising by sundown. i want to see you near inedible by sunrise. remember it is better to die a free man than to be eaten." you gotta wolf down all of your peaches at the check out counter while the trader joe's employees eagerly look at the Peach Consumption Countdown Clock and cheer you on. these peaches have sensors on them that can tell when they come into contact with human hands so they can begin their self-destruct sequence like you're in a spy movie and the peach just relayed a message to you about the whereabouts of jimmy hoffa's decayed remains je-suis-hetalia Jimmy Hoffa is likely dead m4ge this response carries so much chaotic cursed energy. jimmy hoffa was declared dead in 1982 after disappearing in 1975. he was born in 1913, meaning he would be the miraculous age of 105 today if he wasn't dead. "likely dead." the fact that it's a hetalia blog trying to tell me that he is likely dead. the fact that i specifically mention his decayed corpse in my post so there is literally no reason for someone to alert me that he is "likely" deceased. the fact that this hetalia blog is trying to tell this to me, a person who up until recently literally worked for the international brotherhood of teamsters as a person in charge of handling their historical records. i spent two years of my life answering phone calls from people asking me if i personally knew what happened to jimmy hoffa's body. ive spent a significantly longer amount of time trying to forget that hetalia exists. my entire career as a hetalia faceboolk roleplayer at the age of 11 just flashed through my eyes. i legitimately cannot express how much this response has effected me. ive been staring at it for7 minutes. i feel like ive entered the twilight zone je-suis-hetalia I don't ever remember writing that when did I write that m4ge everything about this is cursed peaches


Countdown, Europe, and Band: EUROPE A whole continent named after the band Europe, famous for the popular song The final countdown (1986)

A whole continent named after the band Europe, famous for the popular song The final countdown (1986)