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Ass, Dude, and Fall: folie .a.caroline you are absolute human garbage. hes been through so much shit because all through his life people have weightshamed him and he was suicidal depressed because of it and that is nothing to joke about and if you think this bullshit is hilarious then fuck you 17h 3 likes. Reply kellie copter aneina smith 17h Reply vruuuuumm Hang yourself 17h 1 like Reply A haileyguerena You can show me the edgiest, most offensive post and l wouldn't bat an eye but this is fucked dude 17h 1 like Reply sabdg_ go away 17h 1 like Reply fedorable stump.o.matic aimperfectly.warped Oversensitive? Yeah. Because that's what you call loyal fans defending this grown man for something that he almost killed himself for when he was 21. This is the shit he has tried to foraet abou it So I made a weight related joke yesterday about some shit singer and shortly after an army of offended fall out boy fans decided to voice how triggered they were and how wrong it is blah blah. Look, I have news for you, if you can't handle something as simple as a harmless joke, you're not ready to handle life. Life is a fucking monster that will throw way more offensive things at you than a fat joke, things like cancer, failure, the loss of a loved one and all kinds of other nasty things that require you to be a very strong & resilient person to handle. I mean what the fuck is wrong with a fat joke anyways. I'm personally fat and when people make fat jokes I just laugh it off like the pillsbury doughboy. it's just some extra skin and blubber, I suck at exercise and nutrition, so if people wanna make a few jokes, fuck it, I laugh along and understand that's a consequence of all the amazing food I get to eat that most these skinny people don't. Honestly that's probably why skinny people make fat jokes cause they're hungry and jealous. Weight is just an attribute, it doesn't define who you are. I mean if you don't want to be called fat and you get kidnapped what are we supposed to tell the police? We lost our friend? They're never gonna find your fat ass unless we properly are able to give a description of you.