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Swedens ultimate weapon.: apup-deactivated20171002 kPinkNews News mins Edited It broadcasts "This way if you are gay" in Morse code Swedish peacekeepers using 'gay sailor' to repel Russian submarines A peace group are using a neon sign of a dancing sailor to keep Russian submarines out of Swedish waters. PINKNEWS.CO.UK fantasticworldofflanneldoodle Is this what war is now? odinsnotwearingmakeup We finally weaponized gay chicken frosty-the-snowdern I told y'all about the time at Adeevka, right? sleepycleric Tell us a story, Frosty! frosty-the-snowder I was at Adeevka where the Ukrainians are trying to take a strategically-located overpass from the Separs (I was there as a peaceful tourist who never even touched a firearm, of course) and the positions there are about 400 or so meters away from each other, so if you scream loud enough the fucks on the other side can actually hear you Up to this point, I'd observed a guy dropping his phone like it was going to bite him when I told him the Bruno Mars song he was playing was gay, and could reliably make people leave the room by asking them "would you rather sit on a chocolate cake and suck a dick, or eat a chocolate cake while getting fucked in the ass", so it's at this point in the trenches that a flash of inspiration hits me In my best Russian (which was utterly broken but "proper" Russian grammar is barbaric caveman-speak anyway) I scream out "next guy that shoots is gay". And I swear to whatever god exists that two solid minutes of silence followed. It was some guns-fall-silent Christmas miracle shit Swedens ultimate weapon.