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A Dream, Complex, and Memes: FALSE AWAKENING IG:@CONSCIOUSVIBRANCY false awakening is a vivid and convincing dream about awakening from sleep, while the dreamer in reality continues to sleep. After a false awakening, subjects often dream they are performing daily morning rituals such as cooking, cleaning and eating. False awakenings are a curious phenomenon for lucid dreamers and non-lucid dreamers alike. They are essentially ultra vivid dreams in which you are convinced you have woken up in physical reality. They are most likely to happen when you are excited about a big day ahead - and if you're a lucid dreamer. Self-awareness determines how consciously "in tune" you are with your current reality. Lucid dreamers aim to be highly self-aware while awake and while dreaming, for the greatest frequency of lucid dreams. But the modern world is so distracting, most people are not very self-aware at all. And this comes into play in the paradox of a false awakening. The dream of awakening is highly vivid, suggesting a high level of self-awareness (for a dream, at least). Yet many false awakenings go unrecognized; assumed to be waking reality, there is absolutely no awareness that it's all a dream. Eventually, you will start doing a more complex task in your dream that draws on part of the conscious brain that is still asleep. Maybe you look in the bathroom mirror, or attempt to read a signpost on your way to work. This exposes the illusory nature of the dream and BAM! You wake up. Or perhaps not. Some people report having multiple false awakenings in succession, doing the same things over and over, never knowing when they have truly woken up. They keep unconsciously rebooting the waking dream scenario... As uncanny as it sounds, if you have just had one false waking experience, you are much more likely to have another. The conditions are already ripe. 😴🛌💤 Consciousvibrancy

False awakenings are a curious phenomenon for lucid dreamers and non-lucid dreamers alike. They are essentially ultra vivid dreams in which ...

Jedi, Memes, and Yoda: "Aim and balance yoda, Jedi you are." starwars

"Aim and balance yoda, Jedi you are." starwars

Cars, Memes, and News: hrs. The Straits Times really likes to interview Ashley Wu - PR executive, sales manager, Circle Line commuter and daughter of Bukit Panjang. # AshleyWu AreYou Circle Line track fault causes 3-hour disruption, Transport News & Top. www.straitstimes.com/singapore../circle-line-track-fault.causes-3-hour-disruption ▼ Sep 21, 2016-Commuters who were affected yesterday included public relations execut re Ashley Wu who said she was late for work by half an hour 〈AshleyWu Dislodged platform door halts Downtown Line services for 2 hours www.straitstimes.com/.../d Oct 5, 2016-Public relations executive Ashley Wu, 35, sai that when commuters saw a sign SBS Transit put up at Bukit Panjang station saying thero wed wntown-line-services-for-2… ▼ Minister takes aim at press, Transport News & Top Stories The Straits. www.straitstimes 1 day ago-CommuteAshley Wu, 36, whohas been affected by a number of breakdowns and delays, said: "It is not as if the presshas boonprting pore/tra minister-takes-aim-at-press ▼ Most private-hire cars yet to paste mandatory stickers, Transport News... www.straitstimes May 6, 2017- training. "Many of the dri most-privat Ashley Wu, 37, sid it is a good idea for private-hire drivers to undergo et-to-paste-mandatory-stickers ▼ nd inexperienced. Wait... How come in 2016 she is 35 years old, but in 2017 she is 37 years old!?! WUISTHIS ASHLEY WU!P! Time to look for this Ashley Wu! wuareyou (Image credit to Visakan Verasamy)

Time to look for this Ashley Wu! wuareyou (Image credit to Visakan Verasamy)

Fail, Gym, and Life: IF IT DOESNT CHALLENGE YOU IT WONT CHANGE YOU OMILLIONAIRE MENTOR There’s this famous quote that many of you already heard before: "If something that you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you." ☝️️Of course, since every one of us has room for improvement, this can also mean if you don’t change yourself, then you can’t be responsible for changing your situation in life. You can never see any improvement in your life if you stick to your comfort zone. ✔️Learn a new language. Chines, Dutch, Nihonggo, French, Filipino, Mandarin, Spanish, etc... these are just some of the languages you can discover as you strive to challenge yourself. ✔️Figure out what you’re scared of and do it for one week consistently. If you’re in sales, and you’re scared of talking to people personally or over the phone, then you have a problem. You can’t just relate with your clients online, can you? Now, instead of crippling in fear and automatically thinking you’ll fail, spend at least five minutes a day to pick up the phone and make a call to a prospect. Yes, it’s scary. But you will get through it! ✔️Dedicate at least nine minutes a day for physical exercise. You don’t need to go to the gym, you know. A simple 9-minute run around your neighborhood or an intense dance routine done in your living-room can do wonders for yourself. Aside from the obvious reason that exercise can help you maintain your regular weight or shed those unnecessary pounds, it can also aid in making you feel better about yourself by releasing endorphins. If you feel good, you do good. ✔️Make a realistic budget and find out how you can cut back on something so you can invest more. Challenge yourself to step out of your current budget and develop a better budget for yourself. Money management is not about what you make – it’s what you do with what you make. ✔️Attend one career-related seminar a month. Don’t settle for your current job position. Aim high in your career. Of course, with that aim, include in your action, too. millionairementor fridayvibes hustle grind

There’s this famous quote that many of you already heard before: "If something that you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t chan...

Fire, Goals, and Memes: what overthinking looks like @cleverinvestor When I first started as a real estate investor over 13 years ago I over analyzed everything. I wanted everything to be perfect because I was so scared I was gonna screw something up. So I bought course after course. I planned, took my time, and tried to get everything lined up perfectly. . Weeks turned to months and I just kept making excuses as to why I wasn't ready to make my first phone call, or go meet my first seller, or write my first offer. . I was my own worst enemy. I mistaken movement for achievement! I felt that because I was working on my business that I was actively working towards my goals but in reality after the first few weeks I was simply stalling and wasting time. . There will never be a perfect time to get started. My mentor told me that waiting for the perfect time to begin is like wanting to go on a cross-country road trip… And waiting for every light in the entire country to turn green at the same time. It's never going to happen. . Once I finally snapped out of over analyzation mode I finally started experiencing breakthroughs and eventually started making money. This is exactly what I want for you. . It's time to STOP overthinking and simply take massive action towards your goals. FIRE, READY, AIM. That's your new motto. . We cannot afford to wait any longer. Financial freedom is too damn important. Too many people are relying on you. Remember...your success is not an option...it's an obligation! ------------------ cleverinvestor codysperber realestate realestateinvesting mindset investor investments